Hernias can be a painful experience when they occur. However, in a lot of cases, you can prevent them. To find out how to avoid a hernia, keep reading to understand what precautionary steps should be taken, along with your options for hernia treatment without surgery if it’s already happened.

Understanding a Hernia

When Hernias occur, it’s usually due to an organ or tissue pressing against the muscle holding it in place. This pressure results in it tearing through the muscle creating the problem. 

The following symptoms can occur when dealing with hernias:

  • Sudden extreme pain in the abdominal area
  • Vomiting
  • Constipation
  • Additional pain and swelling around the area

What to Expect When Dealing With a Hernia

Although they aren’t necessarily life-threatening, if left unchecked, they can become dangerous. Treatment is almost always used to resolve the issue as they don’t simply get better over time. Sometimes this includes surgery for severe cases, but usually, it requires hernia treatment without surgery. 

When hernias are left, the organ or tissue can become trapped behind the muscle, restricting or completely cutting blood flow. These results are the tissue dying or becoming infected; it is classified as strangulation and incredibly dangerous when this occurs. Therefore, it’s crucial to contact a medical specialist as soon as possible to understand the treatment options available.  

Young Woman Suffering From Abdominal Pain

How to Prevent a Hernia

Before we discuss how to avoid a hernia, we must highlight that not all of them can be preventable. Certain body conditions can result in them occurring; for example, previous abdominal surgery or muscle weakness may result in hernias developing.

Inguinal hernias are the most common type that individuals will have to deal with. These are completely preventable, which we will discuss shortly. They develop when a section of the intestine pushes against and then through a muscle in the groin. This is caused due to pressure of the abdomen or weak muscles in the area.

Muscle weakness that’s inherited can not be changed in preventing hernias from developing. However, individuals can remove the intense pressure caused by the abdomen that will significantly reduce the chance of it happening. 

Let’s take a look at the different ways that will help you in preventing hernias; all consist of hernia treatment without surgery options:

Healthy Body Weight

Obesity can dramatically increase the risk of a hernia occurring. This is due to the extra body weight putting extreme pressure on your abdomen. Therefore, to reduce a hernia, exercise is needed to reduce overall body weight. But before you start exercising, it’s best to speak to your doctor about what hernia exercises to avoid. Typically, you’ll expect suggestions such as lifting light weights, cycling, pilates, and yoga to be recommended. 

Hernia Exercises to Avoid

A great way for everyone to learn how to avoid a hernia is by understanding hernia exercises to avoid. For those that exercise regularly, there are some hernia exercise types you should avoid if you’re at risk of a hernia occurring. 

For example, squats are a high-strain exercise that can put considerable pressure on your abdominal wall. Furthermore, rapid movements and extreme workouts can increase the possibility of a hernia developing. If you’re worried about a new type of workout, it’s always best to run it past your doctor to ensure it’s safe, so you don’t run into hernia exercise risks.

Reduce Excessive Weight-Lifting

When lifting heavy weights or items, great pressure is put on the abdomen muscle area. You can reduce this strain by bending with your knees and picking the item straight up. This helps distribute the weight load rather than it resting primarily on your abdomen muscles. Ensure always to avoid too heavy to pick up items, which is key in preventing hernias.

Increase Your Fiber Intake

Unfortunately, constipation is an all too familiar feeling for some. Feeling discomfort isn’t the only issue that happens when feeling constipated. Great strain can be put on your abdomen when this occurs, resulting in a higher risk of a hernia developing. 

Eating foods that are rich in fiber can help alleviate both problems. Fruits such as apples, oranges, and bananas provide a great source of fiber, along with the consumption of vegetables, nuts, and staying well-hydrated.

Frequent Sneezing or Coughing

When you are constantly sneezing or coughing, you put pressure onto the abdomen muscles. Therefore, to prevent hernias from developing, it’s best to consult a medical professional when dealing with allergies or other infections causing the problem. 

Identifying an Enlarged Prostate

Those experiencing a large prostate will feel the urge to urinate frequently and without much warning. It can sometimes feel like it’s hard to begin urination. Straining like this can increase the pressure on the abdomen. It’s a common issue that you can develop with age. When understanding how to prevent a hernia, it’s best to put as little strain when urinating as possible. 

Stop Smoking Straight Away

Smoking can lead to constant coughing. As previously explained, coughing can cause great strain on the abdominal area, resulting in you developing an inguinal hernia. Therefore, to reduce the risk, it’s best to quit smoking. 

As you’re most likely aware, there are many different health benefits to stopping, not just helping to prevent a hernia. For the best approach, it’s best to contact your doctor to provide recommendations to reduce the craving desire for nicotine in cigarettes. 

Man Braking a Cigarette in Half

Following Instructions Carefully When Preparing for Surgeries

If you require essential surgery, an incision into the abdomen area is necessary. Then weaknesses may occur afterward. Therefore, to minimize the impact of weaknesses occurring, it’s best to follow all information provided by medical professionals that can be critical to the operation’s success. 

Usually, this will consist of making sure your body is in a healthy condition. So, it’s best to take steps for individuals that are overweight. 

Increase Core Strength

By improving core strength, you’re helping strengthen the muscles around your abdomen and groin area. A fantastic way to enhance your core is by performing core improving exercises, for example, planking. Planking involves you getting into a push-up position but leaning on your forearm. You must hold the stance which helps strengthen your core. For more recommendations on how to improve core strength, it’s best to discuss exercises with your doctor. 

Consult a Health Expert

We’ve discussed many general tips for reducing the risk of hernias occurring. However, if you believe that you have felt any of the possible symptoms, then it’s time to contact a medical expert without delay. 

For those concerned around the Palm Beach County, Florida area, Advanced Surgical Physicians are here to help. We can assess the situation quickly and provide options for the best course of action to treat the issue. Hopefully, it isn’t a hernia, but it’s always best to gain peace of mind by performing a quick examination. Book an appointment today.