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With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Lobby has received numerous awards and is an active member of the Palm Beach County Medical Society. She offers personalized medical care in a calm, friendly atmosphere. Her staff is well trained and they enjoy meeting new patients.


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Urology services deal with an array of problems in male and female urinary tracts. The urinary tract is a pivotal channel that stores and removes urine from our body, ultimately removing waste from our system

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Patient Feedback


  Five Stars! I had a wonderful experience at my office visit today. Dr. Lobby is very sensitive, bright and most of all extremely caring. The entire staff from the front desk to the nurses are welcoming and respectful. Being a patient at All Women Urology is a great experience and I recommend this urology practice highly.  


I actually look forward to my appointment with Dr. Lobby. Not only is she caring and empathetic, but April is also very kind to us patients.  


  I was so fortunate when my OB/GYN doctor referred me to Dr. Nancy Lobby and All Women Urology. She is not only an excellent physician but also a caring and extraordinary person. Her staff is an extension of her, professional, thoughtful and an absolute pleasure to deal with. Dr. Lobby only treats women! How good is that!

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