To our patients,

One year ago today, we embarked on a new adventure when we relaunched our Beaches OBGYN practice as a member of the ToplineMD Alliance. Today, we celebrate that anniversary and the news that this Alliance of doctors in the state of Florida will remain in the Florida Blue network and continue to be able to serve our patients without an interruption in their care. We celebrate finding other doctors who share the same vision that patients come first and that we should eliminate intermediaries between the providers and the patient.

We are extremely grateful to our loyal patients and how they expressed their support when it was still uncertain if we would remain in the Florida Blue network. Your support is always meaningful, but even more so during this time of uncertainty that we currently face in the healthcare realm and in our personal lives. In return, we want to hear how we can better serve our patients and our community.

Beaches OBGYN is adapting to our new reality and making every effort to keeping our patients safe. We have added Telemedicine services using our already existing Klara messaging application. Efforts are being made to increase the availability of this service, so feel free to request a Telemedicine consult with your provider, and we will make every effort to accommodate those requests the same day.

Our commitment to our patients is unwavering, and we look forward to getting past this uncertain time and seeing everyone’s smiling faces again.

Beaches OBGYN
A proud member of the Jacksonville Florida ToplineMD Alliance family