Hip & Knee Revision

Hip & Knee Revision

Hip & Knee Revision
During hip or knee replacement surgery, the joint is replaced with a prosthesis (implant) made of metal, plastic, and/or ceramic components. While the majority of total hip or knee replacements are successful, they may not be permanent, as problems can develop over the long-term.

Although a prosthesis is either cemented into position during the initial joint replacement surgery or implanted in such a way that the bone is expected to grow into the surface of the prosthesis, it may loosen from the underlying bone and cause pain due to any number of factors.

Reasons for Hip or Knee Revision

  • High-impact activity
  • Excessive body weight
  • Wear of the plastic spacer between the two metal components of the implant
  • Osteolysis, a condition in which the bone surrounding the prosthesis deteriorates, making the implant lose or unstable

In addition to an implant becoming loose, other circumstances that may warrant a hip or knee revision include infection within the artificial joint, recurrent dislocation within the hip or ligament instability within the knee, or a fractured bone around the implant.

It is not unusual for younger patients who have undergone hip or knee replacement to outlive the life expectancy of their artificial hip or knee. When that is the case, a revision procedure may be necessary to replace the original components.

In the Coral Gables-Miami area, Dr. Carlos J. Lavernia routinely performs hip and knee revisions. Many orthopedic surgeons choose not to perform joint revision surgery because it is much more complex and time-consuming than a primary joint replacement. The risk of complications or chronic pain following revision surgery is also higher. However, Dr. Lavernia’s patients enjoy a high success rate following revision hip or knee surgery.

Often, revision surgery only involves the replacement of a few components of the prosthesis. However, if the whole prosthesis needs to be removed or replaced, the bone around the knee or hip may need to be rebuilt with a bone graft or augments (metal pieces). Since damage to bone and soft tissue make it difficult to use standard implants, Dr. Lavernia usually uses specialized implants designed to compensate for the damaged bone and soft tissue.

Joint Revision Surgeon in Miami, FL
If your artificial hip or knee is causing you pain, do not hesitate to consult with Dr. Lavernia. As one of the few orthopedic surgeons in the area who perform hip and knee revisions, Dr. Lavernia is an expert you can trust. To schedule an appointment, contact our Miami, Florida office at (305) 484-9727 or use our online request form to arrange your consultation.

Hip & Knee Revision

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“Dr Lavernia is the best in his class, by far. When other Dr’s said it would be impossible to operate on my old man, he not only did it, but here we are over 17 years after that and he’s still going strong. Someone who could barely walk, thanks to Dr. Lavernia, he now lives his best life ever. Dr. Lavernia and his staff are very professional, courteous, empathetic and I could go on forever. If you’re looking for the best, look no further because he is it.”

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“Dr Lavernia did a hip replacement on my husband. His staff is very nice and treats you very well. Dr. Lavernia takes his time with you and explains everything in detail so that you understand. I would highly recommend him.”


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