Obstetrical Care in Coral Springs, FL


If you need to visit a gynecologist or an obstetrician, we will provide you with the best care and make sure you feel comfortable and safe while being examined by experienced medical experts. We cover everything related to your treatment and care during the period before and after delivery, as well as in childbirth. Reach out to our team to learn more about the services we provide or to schedule an appointment.

Services we offer include:

Family planning

Consultations for family planning are much more important than one might think. Even if you feel like you’re ready to become a parent, there are numerous medical and life factors that might cause a disturbance in your plans. Communicating with your gynecologist and telling them all about your future plans is not only going to help you avoid some common issues, but will also familiarize your doctor with your plans, which might prove to be useful in the future. 

Family planning also refers to the practice of having control over the number of children a woman is planning to have. The main purpose of it is to also help prevent the transmission of STIs and HIV. It reduces the need for abortions and prevents ill-timed pregnancies.

Prenatal care and delivery with associate Dr. Robert J. Pearl

Proper prenatal care is one of the essential elements for the health of your unborn child. During your prenatal visits you will learn about the baby’s progress and hear your baby’s heartbeat. Dr. Pearl looks forward to being a part of your growing family.

Services We Offer

Women's health

Gynecological examinations and procedures

Our experienced team can support you with gynecological examinations and procedures no matter what the need. We deliver personalized care in an environment built on trust.

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Injections & Vaccinations

Injections and vaccinations are a necessary and important step toward preventing disease and keeping you and your family safe and healthy. We offer vaccinations for HPV and the Flu and Injections of Depo Provera and B12

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Obstetrical Care

From family planning to prenatal care and delivery, we are a partner you can trust for obstetrical care. We partner with you to deliver care in a way that best suits your needs.

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Patient Feedback

Christina M.

  I was treated by Yara Hatem the Nurse Practioner she was very nice took her time and made me feel comfortable!! I am terrified of doctors but she made the visit so easy . I will be seeing her for now on.  

Patricia P.

  When we moved to Michigan, I wished I could have taken Dr. McKenzie with us. She helped me deliver a beautiful baby girl after a risky pregnancy, and I haven’t found another OB/GYN I trust as much as I trusted her. I HIGHLY recommend her!  

Becky A.

  I am treated by Yara Hatem the Nurse Practitioner and needless to say the medical field needs more people like her in the profession. I feel safe, and in the best hands ever! THANK YOU YARA!  

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