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Constant Care Pediatrics Child Health Care in Miami, FL

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Introducing Constant Care Pediatrics

A new practice that eliminates wait time and offers personalized service for your child’s healthcare needs. Our advanced technology and expert staff allow us to deliver efficient treatment and ensure your child receives the time, attention and care they deserve. Experience the future of pediatric medicine with Constant Care Pediatrics.





Constant Care Pediatrics is a boutique-styled pediatric office that focuses on creating personal relationships, providing continuous access to care, and demonstrating attention to detail. Dr. Constant is committed to delivering the highest quality pediatric care for her patients by maintaining a small patient volume and dedicating extended time to all visits. To book an appointment or initial consultation, please click here.


Our daughter is now almost 4 and we have total and complete trust in Dr. Constant. She truly builds a relationship with her patients, she is easy to reach, and truly gives wonderful medical advice. Our daughter, thank God, has been healthy and happy these past years.


Just relocated & had to find a new Pediatrician for my kids. Came to Constant Care and this office was so nice and clean, the Doctor was so friendly and personable, very knowledgeable, Dr. Constant was able to immediately recognize every issue with my kids and my daughter had an issue her previous doctor treated and gave prescription for but it didn’t help. Dr Constant immediately explained my daughter’s issue and prescribed the correct prescription as well instructions on everything that she needed to do. I was so happy with my visit and so were all 4 of my kids. The staff was also very friendly. I would definitely recommend this Pediatrician to anyone who wants their little ones properly cared for.


She examined my son when he got hand foot mouth disease at 8 months old. She took care of him like he was hers and talked to me about the illness and explained it thoroughly to me. A lot of the test they run test for one thing, but the results mean something else, like why the doctor tests for strep. Rather than just brush me off, she explained why she gave him each test and what it would mean if he was negative or positive. She’s a fantastic dr. I will be going back to the office to see her.

Grateful Patient


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