In addition to regular check-ups, we also provide detailed 3D/4D in-office ultrasounds.  Ultrasounds can be performed to check the gynecological health of a woman’s uterus or ovaries if she’s having pain, bleeding, or other unusual symptoms.  

Ultrasounds are also frequently used to view and monitor the development of a fetus inside the uterus.  A standard ultrasound exam is done at the first obstetric visit and again at 20 weeks.  If there is a reason for additional monitoring then Dr. Vagovic will order additional scans to monitor your and your baby’s health.

We also offer elective ultrasounds for a fee (these are not covered by insurance) if you would like to get a sneak peek at your baby before they arrive.  The best time to schedule this kind of ultrasound is between 28-33 weeks. You will be able to see your little miracle move around in utero, and maybe even suck their thumb, smile, wave, or yawn.  

Our Sonographer can also do a gender determination ultrasound (optimal time for this is 16 weeks) and can either share the gender with you at that time or she can put the result in a sealed envelope for you to open when you would like.

You won’t be sent home empty-handed after your ultrasound.  You’ll be given printed photos from your session and/or get your prints on a flash drive so you can send them to family and friends.  We offer many options at different price points and we’d be happy to provide you with more information if you call our office or ask at your next appointment.


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