Gynecology is the field of medicine that deals extensively with female reproductive health. Unlike obstetrics that takes care of pregnant women, gynecology usually treats women who are not pregnant. Gynecology comprises examinations, tests, and procedures that involve the female reproductive organs – vagina, ovaries, uterus, as well as breasts.

Considering how there are numerous different gynecological conditions, diseases, and illnesses, gynecology provides its patients with proper treatment and medication, as well as the surgical removal of different types of fibroids, cysts, and cancer. Gynecologists should be able to provide their patients with prompt information and adequate treatment options.

Above anything else, it’s important that all patients understand the role and importance of a gynecologist for their health. Depending on the age of a woman, they will require different procedures and tests. Once Dr. Vagovic determines your age, medical history, and lifestyle, he will be able to give you enough information on potential issues that occur at certain periods in life, as well as to provide you with appropriate care and treatment.

For starters, Dr. Vagovic may perform a pelvic floor exam and order an ultrasound to make sure everything is okay. However, this isn’t necessary every time and the type of examination you need will be determined based on your symptoms. Breast exams can include a physical examination and a breast ultrasound, but also other tests that Dr. Vagovic finds necessary. He is available for all your questions at any time, so don’t hesitate to contact our office.

With the advancement of medicine and technology, the procedures and screenings have advanced, too. Gynecologists have much more success in discovering conditions and diseases early on, which improves the likelihood of a successful outcome. The modern equipment used today helps discover serious problems and enables easier therapy options.

At our office, we can provide you with the latest medical examinations and make sure your reproductive health is not in jeopardy. Our mission is to make all our patients feel comfortable and safe by recognizing the specific symptoms and supplying them with conscientious care. Dr. Vagovic is prepared for any possible situation and our team will be here to help.


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