Clinical trials are important resources that help discover new treatments for breast cancer and other diseases, as well as new ways to detect, diagnose, and reduce the risk of these diseases. The Diagnostic Center for Women is currently recruiting patients to participate in a clinical study to prove that Cryoablation is a treatment of Early Stage Breast Cancer.


F.R.O.S.T. (FReezing alone instead Of resection of Small breast Tumors): A Study of Cryoablation in the Management of Early Stage Breast Cancer

Diagnostic Center for Women is proud to be participating in a multi-center clinical study to treat breast cancer in those who prefer an alternative to surgery. We are currently recruiting patients.

Study objective: To prove that cryoablation is a safe alternative to lumpectomy (breast surgery) in small invasive breast cancers.

Participants will have cryoablation performed to treat their breast cancer replacing the need for breast surgery. Other adjuvant therapies (medical therapy, radiation therapy, axillary management) remain unchanged as standard of care. Patients will be followed closely with mammography, ultrasound, and breast MRI over 5 years to exclude residual tumor or recurrence.

Participants must have the following:

  • Age: 50 and older
  • A cancer that is ≤1.5cm in its greatest diameter
  • A cancer that has not spread to other organs
  • A cancer that is strongly sensitive to estrogen (ER positive, Her2 negative)
  • No prior treatment of the current breast cancer

If you would like more information or think you may qualify for this trial please contact either the research coordinator (Cristina Upegui;; 305.740.5100 x2004) or principal investigator (Michael Plaza, MD;

You can also find additional information about FROST Clinical Study on


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