Vaccines are widely regarded as one of the greatest medical advances of the 20th Century. Dr. Edelstein follows the vaccine schedule as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices. He feels very fortunate to practice during a time when we have the capabilities to safely prevent deadly infections in our children, as well as in a country where we are able to provide this care to all of the children. Dr. Edelstein does not accept new patients who refuse to vaccinate or choose an alternative vaccine schedule for their children. For additional information regarding Dr. Edelstein’s philosophy on this please click on the links below.

AAP Recommended Immunization Schedules

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please call our dedicated new pateint line at 561-357-8993 option 1005, there you can leave all pertiant information so we can have your insurance verified before we contact you to scheudule your child’s first appointment.
We schedule our new patient appointments in the morning.
On the rare occasions that the office is closed Dr. Edelstein (or one of his staff members) are still available to answer urgent medical questions. If your child is sick and needs to see a provider Dr. Edelstein has made arrangements with another local pediatric group to see his sick patients when he is unavailable.
We accept most major Florida based insurance plans. Out of state plans must be verified to determine whether or not Dr. Edelstein is an in-network or out of net-work provider. We also currently accept Staywell Medicaid and Healthy Kids Plans through Staywell and Aetna Better Health.
If your child is due for a wellness check we would be happy to schedule your child’s check up with us. If not, please schedule an ‘establishment visit’ in which we can obtain vital signs and a complete medical history for your child–this is a great opportunity to meet Dr. Edelstein and discuss any medical concerns you may have.
Dr. Edelstein follows the AAP guidelines regarding vaccines therefore he will not accept new patients who decline vaccines or wish to seperate vaccines. Please see the vaccine section of our website for more information.