Dr. Esther Marin-Casariego, Pediatric Specialist in Miami, FL

Esther Marin-Casariego, MD

Dr. Esther Marin-Casariego was born in Havana, Cuba, and has been living in South Florida for over 30 years. She is board certified in pediatrics and has been working as a pediatrician in this community since 1994. Dr. Marin-Casariego and her staff are committed to serving the needs of families and children, with an emphasis on quality care.

Patient Feedback

Jessica S.

Each visit to Dr. Marin’s office is a wonderful experience. Dr. Marin and her staff are amazing and patient with my children. They truly listen to your concerns and make sure all your questions are answered. I would not take my children anywhere else!!  

Joann R.

  Excellent experience! Dr. Marin-Casariego was patient, kind and professional. My children felt very comfortable. The staff is attentive and polite.  

Andrea C.

  Dr. Marin-Casariego is professional and addresses all of my questions and concerns quickly. She is knowledgeable and I fully trust her. I am also impressed by the dedication and professionalism of her staff. I am very happy that I found such an excellent healthcare provider for my children.   

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