GorHan, LLC accepts a large array of insurances. Please call us for clarifications or if you have any questions.

Insurance list 2020.

Please bring all insurance information, including insurance cards, when you come to your appointment.

Many medical insurance companies, as well as HMOs, require pre-authorization for medical services. Please consult with your insurance company or primary care physician to obtain a pre-authorization, if required, prior to the date of your appointment.

You also may contact your health plan to determine if our physicians are included on the provider list.

We may not be contracted with your insurance company at this time. However, you still may be able to see one of our health care providers if you have out-of-network benefits.

Please contact your health insurance company. Contact instructions should be listed on the back of your ID card. Ask the company for an out-of–network authorization and a one-time letter of agreement. Once your health insurance company has issued an out-of-network authorization and has signed a letter of agreement with us (your insurance company is familiar with the process and will initiate it), you may call us back to schedule your appointment.

For more information regarding insurance matters or to find out if your particular health plan covers treatment at our office please contact us at (305) 933-2111.

Call us and speak with a member of our team

Call (305) 933-2111