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At TopLine MD, we believe that being on the frontline of health news encourages a more informed community of patients and providers. That is why we strive to highlight our physicians and partners featured in the media who offer thought provoking perspectives. For insights beyond the ordinary, check out what our doctors have to say about the latest in healthcare.

Today: When do babies roll over? Pediatricians answer all of your questions.

Let's be honest: Newborn babies are adorable, but during the early weeks, they just lie around a lot. That's why parents anxiously wait…
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HealthTech: 15 Health IT Social Media Influencers Worth a Follow

News moves fast, so do these influencers. Join the conversation by following these Tweet-wielding health IT experts!
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Reader’s Digest: This Amount of Sleep Could Be Dangerous for Your Arteries

Here's more evidence that you should make getting a good night's sleep a priority. Well-known benefits of sleep range from better brain health to…
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Reader’s Digest: 8 Reasons You Don’t Have a Flat Belly

Having a flat stomach isn’t always about just dieting and exercising. Learn the other factors that could be working against you.
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