Marilu Madrigal, M.D.

Dr. Marilu Madrigal

Dr. Marilu Madrigal was raised in Miami, Florida, and developed an interest in women’s healthcare early on in her career. She attended medical school at the University of Kansas in later residency and fellowship at the University of Miami.

She quickly develop an interest in cancer treatment and prevention of gynecological cancers and went on to complete her fellowship at Sylvester Cancer Center/the University of Miami. She completed her fellowship in 1997 and quickly established a thriving private practice.

Dr. Madrigal is fluent in Spanish, English, and limited creole. She is passionate about delivering the best possible care to women of all ages walks of life and focuses mainly on prevention in those of postmenopausal years.

Patient Feedback

Dr Madrigal is amazing… She is the best…. she is compassionate, she listens to you, she explains everything to you. The staff is the best in town…. Thank you for all you have done for me.
Caridad A.
I would highly recommend Dr. M. Madrigal. She is an excellent physician with a myriad of great qualities for her patients and their care. Professional, ethical, her bedside manner and ease of explaining the procedures and care one will receive is incomparable.
Knowledgeable professional with excellent manners, always giving the proper explanations to the patient allowing us to understand the sickness and procedures. Excellent bed-side manners.
Marisa S.

Dr. Marilu Madrigal is an outstanding gynecologist. I met her first when my mother was diagnosed with Cancer in Her Uterus. She performed surgery on my Mother and not only that my mother survived ten more years of her life because of Dr. MADRIGAL. To me, she became my hero and also my gynecologist too! Last year Dr. MADRIGAL performed surgery on me. Unfortunately, like my mother I was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer. She saved me!! I truly admire her so much. She became my hero one more time. She has a Heart of Gold. She is lovable,. She is very friendly. She gives you confidence and not only her. Her Staff is Wonderful. When you arrive at her office you feel that attention, love & affection from Nery & Vivian. She has a Great Team!! You just don’t want to leave that office. I speak truly from the bottom of my ❤ Heart!!!!

Becky M.
Dr. Madrigal is an amazing doctor. Great bedside manner and very knowledgeable.I feel so comfortable and confident with her medical treatment. Her staff is so valuable like she is. It is a pleasure to come to this office.
Olga G.
Excellent patient care, Dr. Madrigal has been my Gyn Doctor for over 5 years, she is very understanding and will give you the time to ask questions, she is the very best. And her staff: her assistant, and receptionist are very professional and efficient. Thank you for your great customer service.
Lourdes D.

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