Most insurance companies allow a yearly annual/preventive exam at no cost for the patient.

This visits are mainly focus on preventive measures trying to identify problems in the early stages.

Depending on your age and sex the doctor will discuss the need for:

Breast cancer Screening

Colon cancer screening

Tobacco use


Depression screening

Cervical Cancer screening

Sleep apnea screening etc

Also during this visit your vitals sign will be taken adding useful information regarding your blood pressure, weight, BMI, etc.

If this is the first time with the doctor it would be the perfect opportunity to review preventive measures and develop a care plan for the future.

Many times a follow up visit might be require to address health problems, discuss diagnostic approaches and possible therapeutics.

If acute or chronic medical problems are discussed during this visit , you might get a bill for services not covered in a preventive annual exam. Our staff will be there to help you .