During the novel Coronavirus emergency, telemedicine services are now covered by most health plans for both new and established patients.

Scheduling a telemedicine appointment can be done just like any other appointment:  1) filling out the appointment request form on the practice website, 2) requesting an appointment through the ZocDoc smartphone app, 3) requesting an appointment through the office’s patient portal at, or 4) by calling the office at 305-670-0146.

On the day of the telemedicine appointment, patients will be called and then sent an e-mail with a link that will take them to the telemedicine internet portal.  They will be prompted to enter their name to sign in, and then will wait for the doctor to sign in.  The virtual visit is a synchronous audio/visual interface where the provider and patient can communicate real-time.

During the COVID-19 emergency, most insurance plans are now covering telemedicine services for established patients. Depending on the insurance plan, you may or may not be responsible for a part of the cost. The cost usually will not exceed that of your usual co-pay charge for an in-person office visit.

Yes. The cost of the telemedicine service to patients without insurance is $50.

Yes. The telemedicine service requires a device with an e-mail application, an internet browser, a microphone, and a camera. There is no app to download. The telemedicine service can also be used on a tablet or on a desktop as long as the device has an e-mail application, an internet browser, a microphone, and a camera.

If the doctor decides that s/he needs to see you in person and can not complete the virtual visit, you will have to return to the doctor’s office to complete the evaluation. If you return to the doctor’s office within 24 hours of the telemedicine visit, the telemedicine visit will not be billed to insurance. If you return to the doctor’s office 24 hours or more following the telemedicine visit, both the telemedicine visit and the office visit will be billed to insurance.

We are unable to know at this time if your insurance plan will continue to cover telemedicine services after the COVID-19 emergency. Every insurance plan has a different policy. In the event your insurance plan does not cover telemedicine services after the Coronavirus emergency, the cost to you will be $50.


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Patient Feedback

“I went to Dr. Bridges about 2 weeks ago. The staff and Dr. Bridges were really responsive beforehand when booking our appointment. I followed up with questions and when I did come in, Dr. Bridges had all the answers prepared.”

Rocky S.

“Doctor and staff are very professional and friendly. They know exactly what they are doing and they are doing an excellent work.”

Lilia L.

“Professional office. I love Dr. Bridges. He’s very knowledgeable about Black skin. I’ve already referred him to several of my colleagues. Lovely office and location. 5 stars.”

Bonilla M.