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The Best Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes


As well as being generally annoying, mosquitos often carry infectious diseases which are harmful to your health. One of the most common viruses that mosquitoes carry in the U.S. is the West Nile Virus, which has been responsible for over 2,000 deaths in the last 20 years! However, there are a variety of ways to

The Best Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes2021-06-15T09:17:38+00:00

Why Do I Have to Keep Wearing a Mask After I Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?


Many of us residing in the United States have now had access to both covid-19 vaccination shots. However, there is still a long journey ahead before the world goes back to pre-pandemic conditions. A family doctor will always advise that in certain situations, even after being fully vaccinated, you should wear a mask when in

Why Do I Have to Keep Wearing a Mask After I Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?2021-06-15T09:09:17+00:00

Tips for Managing Medications at Home


Unfortunately, chronic conditions are very common in our elderly years. Every 2 out of 3 American senior citizens deal with more than one chronic illness. To tackle these conditions, a strict medication routine is needed. Especially before asking doctor for specific medication. Therefore, to help stay on top of all treatments we’ve created an easy-to-follow

Tips for Managing Medications at Home2021-05-11T14:22:54+00:00

How to Handle Your Spring Allergies


Around Springtime, allergies become more common as pollen is released into the air. This pollen can cause allergies for many people. Interested in finding out how to handle your spring allergies better? Read below and find everything you need for learning how to prevent spring allergies,  what the common allergies in Florida are, and finding

How to Handle Your Spring Allergies2021-05-11T14:08:46+00:00

All You Need to Know About Streptococcus


Streptococcus, more commonly known as Strep Throat, is a bacterial infection that is visible in the throat and tonsils. This differs from a standard sore throat which is typically caused by a virus. It’s common among children but rare in adults. All information regarding carrying out a rapid strep test, how long does strep last,

All You Need to Know About Streptococcus2021-04-12T16:12:06+00:00

Questions to Ask Your Doctors at Your Annual Checkup


It’s that time of year again. Usually, the thought of an annual checkup can be a daunting thought for many, with the possibility of what may be identified. However, it is essential to keep your well-being in order, and simply being ‘too busy’ isn’t an excuse to book an appointment. You most likely are wondering

Questions to Ask Your Doctors at Your Annual Checkup2021-04-05T10:33:49+00:00

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Anxiety


It’s quite normal to sometimes feel worried or stressed. When it becomes serious enough to interfere with your daily life, however, the time has probably come to do a quick Google search for ‘ anxiety doctors near me ’. Nearly 20 percent of Americans suffer from some or other type of anxiety disorder. And the

How to Talk to Your Doctor About Anxiety2021-03-29T14:18:26+00:00

Do You Need an Annual Physical


The annual physical is often a reason for discourse in healthcare. The amount of conflicting information has led to patients wondering why are physical exams important, especially if they feel hale and hearty. On the flip side, those who see the need for a physical may not have the necessary information about it. Patients often

Do You Need an Annual Physical2021-03-29T13:39:56+00:00

Can Vitamin D Protect Against the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?


Vitamin D and the Covid-19 Relationship Vitamins have a very important role in the body's overall health. When fighting an infection, whether it's Covid-19 or any other, it is important to keep the body's immune system in optimum condition. There's evidence to show that Vitamin D can reduce the risk of respiratory infections such as

Can Vitamin D Protect Against the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?2021-02-12T11:48:35+00:00

How to Help Someone With Depression


How to Help Someone with Depression Dealing with depression in a loved one can be difficult and pose complicated challenges. Depression can affect the way people handle difficult feelings such as stress, life choices, and finances. And in more serious cases, depression impacts simple daily routines such as eating and sleeping. The National Institute for

How to Help Someone With Depression2021-02-04T11:10:48+00:00
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