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At New Age Women’s Health, we understand that every phase of a woman’s life requires different kinds of services and support. From adolescence to menopause, we help our patients thrive by offering a wide range of gynecological and obstetrical services.

Dr. Janet Gersten and her identical triplet daughters, Drs. Joanna, Sarah, and Victoria Bedell, have joined forces to offer a unique OB/GYN practice in Miami. Dr. Gersten has been caring for generations of women in South Florida since 1983, while her daughters joined her in 2017 after completing their residency training. Together they offer old-school skills with a wealth of updated know-how.

As physicians, our goal is to care for you through all stages of life and make life easier for you when you are pregnant, ill, or in pain. Most importantly, our goal is to build a long-lasting foundation of trust and confidence. Dr. Gersten can see you for any gynecology concern, while Drs. Joanna, Sarah, and Victoria Bedell practice both gynecology and obstetrics.

Learn more about what we treat and the services we offer in the pages below.

After you make your initial appointment, you can download the patient registration form, fill it out and bring it with you to your first visit.

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Our Services

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The field of medicine that takes care of women is gynecology, and it differs from obstetrics because it only treats women who are not pregnant. Gynecology encompasses numerous examinations and tests, which we offer at our office, that are all designed to detect health issues that can significantly affect a woman’s reproductive health and well-being.

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Obstetrics is a field of medicine that deals with pregnancy and giving birth. Expecting a baby or thinking of becoming pregnant? Our obstetricians are proud to help you deliver a new life into the world. We are pleased to offer our patients complete prenatal care as well as post-partum care.

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Clinical Research

Clinical research studies are extremely important in the advancement of medicine. If you have ever had a medical treatment, taken medication, or received a vaccine, chances are you have benefited from knowledge gained and tested through one or more clinical studies. At our office, we participate in studies pertaining to the advancement of women’s health.

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Vulvovaginal Disorders & Sexual Dysfunction

Chronic vulvar pain and pain with intercourse are common gynecological complaints but are not considered normal. Often these disorders are misdiagnosed and patients are left untreated.

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Patient Feedback


After 31 years of annual visits and the delivery of my daughters, I can say with all sincerity and honesty that Janet Gersten is an excellent doctor. She is knowledgeable, honest, reliable, caring and most importantly, she listens. Her staff is very good and the office is pleasant and clean. If you want a wonderful doctor, Janet Gersten will not let you down!.  


  I have been to many gynecologists over a number of years. It was such a welcome surprise to be met by an attentive and most professional physician and her staff. In an era where much of the doctor’s time has become occupied by a computer screen, I never once felt like I was in competition and vying for her attention. My complex gynecological issues were handled expeditiously and treated appropriately. Most importantly, Dr. Gersten took the time to answer my questions and discuss healthy options  

Jocelyne S.

  Doctors Joanna, Sarah and Victoria are just simply great and extremely knowledgeable! Throughout my pregnancy, they would keep all of my wishes and plans in mind and go the extra mile. The doctors and their staff show compassion, excitement and empathy if they see me concerned or when I ask questions. The clinic has the most professional staff I have encountered during any of my pregnancy check ups. I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a OB-GYN. They will always hold a special place in my heart..  

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