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Dr. Nubia Fonseca-Ortiz decided to start her new practice, focusing her expertise and time to finding the root of the problem for her patients. By dedicating her time and effort to listening to patient needs, she can better understand their particular situations and coach them in their own conditions, based on their particular customs and social environment. Dr. Fonseca-Ortiz likes following her patients and making sure they are speaking the same language, that way they can really get results together and progress to a better health state.

Dr. Fonseca-Ortiz is looking for connections and longstanding relationships, and wants to get results and really be able to impact people’s lives in a positive way. She exemplifies the lifestyle she teaches to patients, in order to earn the trust that she believes is needed to build a great physician-patient relationship. Working together with a multidisciplinary team, she can achieve these goals by closely supporting patients in every aspect of their lives.


“I have an appointment today with doctor Fonseca. She’s an excellent doctor, very kind and professional and she explained everything about my condition. I am going to change the family doctor I have for many years with doctor Fonseca. She really cares about the patients. So happy I will recommend her with all my friends and family. Thank you”

Kelly, patient

“She really listens to the patient’s concerns and answers all questions. She’s very caring and professional”

Jane, patient

“Loved seeing Dr. Fonseca this morning! She was very kind and professional. She also has an EKG machine in the office and did that for me within minutes. Will definitely return!”

Madison, patient

“She is absolutely nice, she really cares about you and your health, she has the perfect time to talk to you, she is never on a rush. Highly recommended if you like to be treated well.”

Maria, patient

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