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Menopause, childbirth, and hormonal fluctuations can all cause vaginal changes, and many women in the greater Miami area believe that those changes are unavoidable. At OB/GYN Specialists of South Miami, a team of skilled professionals offer a range of treatment options, including MonaLisaⓇ Touch, to address uncomfortable vaginal conditions. To learn more about this revolutionary laser therapy, schedule a consultation by calling the office or using the simple online scheduling tool.

MonaLisa Touch Q & A

What is MonaLisaⓇ Touch?

MonaLisa Touch is a painless laser treatment that eases common vaginal symptoms associated with menopause or childbirth. It’s painless, takes very little time, and requires no recovery period.

The treatment works by delivering fractional CO₂ laser energy to your vaginal wall tissue. Fractional lasers only affect the targeted tissue, leaving surrounding tissues untouched.

The combination of laser energy and heat creates micro-injuries, and your body responds with its natural healing process, which promotes collagen production and blood flow, resulting in the thickening of your vaginal walls and restoration of vaginal function.

What symptoms can MonaLisa Touch improve?

MonaLisa Touch can address numerous vaginal symptoms, including:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Painful sex
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Mild urinary incontinence
  • Itching or irritation

More than 18 published studies have examined the safety and efficacy of MonaLisa Touch. It’s a treatment option that has helped thousands of women enjoy healthy vaginal function.

Can women who have had breast cancer benefit from MonaLisa Touch?

MonaLisa Touch is a great option for women who’ve had breast cancer. Chemotherapy and radiation can take a toll on vaginal health, and some women choose to have a hysterectomy to reduce their risk of a recurrence.

Lack of adequate estrogen creates vaginal dryness, vaginal atrophy, and other symptoms associated with menopause. However, women who’ve had breast cancer are not good candidates for estrogen therapy.

MonaLisa Touch is an ideal treatment option because it restores vaginal function without the need for hormonal manipulation.

What are MonaLisa Touch treatments like?

The treatment process is simple and painless. Your doctor inserts the treatment probe into your vagina, similar to how a speculum is used during a pelvic exam.

Next, the probe delivers laser energy and heat to your vaginal walls. You may feel a sensation of warmth, but the process is not painful. Some women report minimal discomfort during treatment.

The procedure only lasts around five minutes. You may notice improvements after your first treatment, but optimal results are achieved after three sessions scheduled six weeks apart.

After your treatment, you’re able to return to your normal activities. You should avoid sexual intercourse for two to three days to give your body a chance to heal.

If you’re curious about how MonaLisa Touch can work for you, schedule an appointment to meet with the OB/GYN Specialists of South Miami team to discuss your specific needs and concerns.


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