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Breast cancers account for one of the most common types of cancer in the United States. Treatment options for breast cancers depend on the patient’s history, clinical status, cancer stage, and even the genetic and molecular characteristics of their tumor and in many cases also the genetic history of the patient. Therefore, it is important for patients to be educated by their team on all of their treatment options, not just surgery.

Patients and their families should be aware of the risks, benefits, and alternatives to their treatment options, including potential clinical trials, before proceeding with definitive treatment. Because of the rapid pace of advances in the treatment of breast cancers through clinical trials, we participate in a robust active research program so that our patients in South Florida will have access to world-class care close to home without having to travel long distances.

We approach our patients with a new diagnosis of breast cancers as a whole person, which includes access to the comprehensive services of our team, from diagnosis and treatment to long-term survivorship.
There have been many advances in treatment and therefore patients with a diagnosis of breast cancer should not give up hope, and instead, they should seek an evaluation for further information.


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Lauri D.

Dr. Rashid saved my life! He was compassionate and walked us through every step of my surgery and recovery. His nurse Khin was amazing and understanding.

Victoria T.

  Amazing doctor! Dr. Rashid allowed me to be part of a new castle scan study that allowed us to find out if my melanoma tissue shows high or low risk for recurrence and how likely it is to be in my lymph nodes. The result of this test gave me peace of mind that I’m low risk and my anxiety has gone down tremendously!! thank you for that! When i did go to his office to speak with him, he sat with me for almost an hour explaining everything in detail and taking his time to make sure I understand everything. He is very kind and patient and I highly recommend him if you are researching to find a doctor!  

Caroline B.

  Highly recommend Dr. Rashid. Caring, compassionate and well qualified cancer surgeon. He takes the extra steps most physicians don’t take to make your experience seamless and complication free as possible.  

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