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Cancer, Genetics, and Prevention

Cancer is a genetic disease and understanding the role of genetics in cancer care is critical. Our team provides the opportunity for patients to explore the potential role of genetic testing in understanding their disease, their risk of developing new cancers and cancer recurrence, and the potential to guide their treatment plan. We offer a multidisciplinary program that helps patients understand their cancer risks so that we can personalize a plan for cancer prevention, cancer screening and early detection, as well as cancer survivorship.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of loss of life and quality of life in the United States. As a surgical oncologist focusing on cancer treatment and research who was born and raised in South Florida, neighbors, family and friends often ask me what they can do to prevent or at least lower their risk of cancer. Cancer wellness, prevention and screening, including cancer genetics, are a major focus of our initiatives and research.


Based on the latest research and international consensus guidelines, the top recommendations for cancer prevention include:

  • Fitness and weight – maintain a healthy weight without being underweight
  • Sitting is the new smoking – avoid a sedentary lifestyle and maintain physical activity for 30 minutes a day
  • Avoid soda – Limit drinking sugary beverages and limit eating energy-dense foods
  • Plant-based diet – Enjoy a well-balanced healthy diet, with a variety of whole grains, legumes (such as beans), fruits and vegetables
  • Red meat – Avoid processed meats and limit the consumption of red meats such as beef, pork, and lamb
  • Alcohol – Alcoholic drinks should be limited to two drinks for men a day and one a day for women
  • Salt and Sodium – Limit the consumption of salty foods and foods processed with sodium
  • Supplements – do not use supplements to protect against cancer and avoid trend diets
  • Breastfeeding – mothers should breastfeed exclusively for up to 6 months and then add other liquids and foods
  • Cancer survivors – cancer patients should enroll in a survivorship program to prevent cancer recurrence and the development of new cancers
  • Preventative care – stay up to date with your primary care provider for overall health, including a risk assessment for cancer, and regular screenings for cancer when indicated
  • Smoking – if you are a smoker or exposed to tobacco products regularly, enroll in a program to quit smoking
  • Sun exposure – limit sun exposure and wear UV protection for skin surfaces and eyes

We encourage all our patients to understand their individual cancer risk factors and to speak with their health care providers about cancer prevention. Patients can tailor a personalized program with their health care providers to lower their individual risk for cancer and increase early detection to improve outcomes. In my experience, when people are empowered with knowledge about healthy living, they achieve meaningful longevity, prevent illness, and, when they need treatment, they are better prepared to fight their disease. For more information about our work, including research, on cancer prevention and screening, please contact our office.

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Lauri D.

Dr. Rashid saved my life! He was compassionate and walked us through every step of my surgery and recovery. His nurse Khin was amazing and understanding.

Victoria T.

  Amazing doctor! Dr. Rashid allowed me to be part of a new castle scan study that allowed us to find out if my melanoma tissue shows high or low risk for recurrence and how likely it is to be in my lymph nodes. The result of this test gave me peace of mind that I’m low risk and my anxiety has gone down tremendously!! thank you for that! When i did go to his office to speak with him, he sat with me for almost an hour explaining everything in detail and taking his time to make sure I understand everything. He is very kind and patient and I highly recommend him if you are researching to find a doctor!  

Caroline B.

  Highly recommend Dr. Rashid. Caring, compassionate and well qualified cancer surgeon. He takes the extra steps most physicians don’t take to make your experience seamless and complication free as possible.  

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