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Thyroid and Parathyroid Nodules, Tumors, & Cancer

Thyroid and parathyroid nodules, tumors, and cancer are a group of abnormalities that are a part of what is called endocrine disease, and therefore appropriate treatment requires a multidisciplinary team that includes endocrinologists, surgeons, perioperative and cancer care specialists. The thyroid is a gland in the neck that produces hormones that regulate metabolism. The parathyroid glands, which are adjacent to the thyroid, also produce hormones that are involved with controlling calcium levels. Thyroid disease is quite common, including the development of thyroid nodules, tumors, and cancers, because of the increased exposure to radiation in the environment. Many patients with thyroid nodules and tumors are found to not have invasive cancer after surgical removal.

The majority of patients with the most common types of thyroid cancer respond well to treatment, and some may even be candidates for non-surgical observation as well. With the advances in genetic testing, many patients with thyroid nodules and tumors can benefit from receiving additional information to help guide their treatment in a personalized manner, before proceeding with treatment such as surgery.

The parathyroid glands can also form tumors, including cancers. Usually, parathyroid tumors are benign adenomas that secrete parathyroid hormones that result in abnormalities in calcium levels impact overall health, including kidney stones and osteoporosis. With advances in imaging and other diagnostic tests, these small tumors can be located before surgery to reduce the risk of recurrent hyperparathyroidism and problems with calcium regulation. Parathyroid cancer, like thyroid cancer, is treated based on the cancer stage and the clinical status of the patient.

With advances in enhanced surgical recovery, intraoperative nerve monitoring and perioperative care, there has been a reduction in the side effects of surgery and the length of postoperative recovery. Even in patients with advanced disease, the dramatic advances in cancer treatment are now providing patients with options that did not exist just a few years ago. Because of the rapid advances in cancer care, before proceeding with treatment it is important for the patient and their family to be aware of all of their treatment options, not just surgery, including the potential for clinical trials if appropriate. We participate in a robust active research program so that our patients in South Florida will have access to world-class care close to home without having to travel long distances. We approach our patients with a new diagnosis of the thyroid and parathyroid nodules, tumors and cancer as a whole person, which includes access to the comprehensive services of the our team’s multidisciplinary team, from diagnosis and treatment to long-term survivorship.


Endocrine Pancreas

Tumors arising from the endocrine pancreas are quite different from classic “pancreatic cancer” in terms of both prognosis and treatment. We specialize in the work up of these pancreatic tumors which often produce endocrine hormones. We are accustomed to collaborating with medical specialists in the evaluation of these tumors, including advanced gastroenterology and endocrinology. In many cases, patients are candidates for minimally invasive robotically assisted multimodality surgery to remove the lesion with smaller incisions and shorter length of recovery.

Adrenal tumors

Tumors of the adrenal gland require a multidisciplinary evaluation to establish a diagnosis and develop a personalized treatment plan, in close collaboration with endocrinology. In many cases, patients are candidates for minimally invasive robotically assisted multimodality surgery to remove the lesion with smaller incisions and shorter length of recovery.

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Lauri D.

Dr. Rashid saved my life! He was compassionate and walked us through every step of my surgery and recovery. His nurse Khin was amazing and understanding.

Victoria T.

  Amazing doctor! Dr. Rashid allowed me to be part of a new castle scan study that allowed us to find out if my melanoma tissue shows high or low risk for recurrence and how likely it is to be in my lymph nodes. The result of this test gave me peace of mind that I’m low risk and my anxiety has gone down tremendously!! thank you for that! When i did go to his office to speak with him, he sat with me for almost an hour explaining everything in detail and taking his time to make sure I understand everything. He is very kind and patient and I highly recommend him if you are researching to find a doctor!  

Caroline B.

  Highly recommend Dr. Rashid. Caring, compassionate and well qualified cancer surgeon. He takes the extra steps most physicians don’t take to make your experience seamless and complication free as possible.  

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