Welcome to Dr. Rosa M. Garcia office located in the Kendall area. In addition to our local patients, we serve the International Family as well.

My mission is to empower and enlighten all my patients in their path to lead a healthier full life. By conducting your annual physical exam, monitoring any chronic conditions and planning for your future health.

I specialized in diagnosis and treating a broad range of disease and conditions as treating diseases like osteoporosis to prevent fracture that robs the individual of his life independence. Quality knowledge, friendly and respectful staff is at your service.

“Dr. Garcia is very professional, caring and has a deep knowledge of her specialty. She has been a blessing to my 100 year-old mother. We trust her advice and recommendations. Highly recommended.”

Maria L

“Dr. Garcia is very thorough and explains what I need to do to ensure more favorable blood test results next time. The telemedicine process was basically the same as conversing with the doctor at her office. The only caveat is that I had to take my own blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and weight, which all require separate devices. But other than that, everything was the same.”

Lee W.

“An amazing, highly knowledgeable and detail oriented physician. Wonderful staff and quiet, nicely appointed waiting room.”

Marcus S.

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