Hair Loss Therapy in Boca Raton, FL

Hair Loss Restoration Boca Raton

PurePRP® hair restoration utilizes the power of PRP to deliver high levels of growth factors, as well as other beneficial proteins which canattract stem cells.

This helps to increase the blood circulation to hair follicles, providing vital cellular components and nutrients which can stimulate new hair growthand thicken thinned-out hair.The patient’s blood is drawn, concentrated, and separated using the specially designed centrifugeand components of the PurePRP® system.Inflammatory red blood cells & neutrophils arethen removed from the blood, leaving a highconcentration of platelets with numerous healing growth factors. These beneficial components are then resuspended within the plasma portion, providing the proper mixture of PurePRP® that is ready for injection.

Focusing on areas where hair thinning is present,  and then multiple injections are made into the scalpusing a fine needle. Following injections, the doctormay also choose to utilize microneedling on areas of the scalp to enhance the treatment & increasecollagen induction.

Around three weeks post treatment, growth factorsand activated stem cells will begin generating newtissue, nerves & blood vessels. Reduction in hair loss and gradually thickening hair will increase over the following months. Patients may opt to receive up to three follow-up treatments around 8 to 12 weeks apart, based on treatment progress.

To maintain positive results, additional treatments maybe performed every 6 to 12 months, depending on the patient’s rate of hair loss prevention & recovery. Numerous studies have been published illustratingthe effectiveness of regenerative medicine applications in hair loss treatment.

We have many of these studies available on hand for your examination. Please see the front desk staff or ask the physician for related information.

Minimally invasive. Little to no down time. Nearly zero risk of side effects.

PurePRP® is a patented process and canonly be obtained by utilizing the EmCyte® processing system. While many other PRP systems may achieve only 1x to 3x concentration of platelets,the PurePRP® system can achieve up to axconcentrations, while eliminating red blood cells & highly inflammatory neutrophils. Obtaining the maximum number of platelets, in order to deliver the highest level of growth factors & other healing biologics,is the key to any PRP treatment being successful.

Not all PRP is the same – your doctordemands the best for you, and has chosenPurePRP®.


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