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As you get ready to welcome a new life into the world, it’s important to do everything you can to ensure your little boy or girl is healthy! University Park OBGYN, Florida is the proud home of a Sarasota OBGYN who is capable of providing critical advice to pregnant and newborn mothers. One of our primary recommendations to secure a safe future for your child in the womb is to pay attention to your everyday diet. Read more to discover if there are any foods you should avoid during pregnancy and contact a Sarasota OBGYN for more information!

Short Answer: Yes

The food you eat every day has a huge impact on the body’s and mind’s overall function. During pregnancy a woman is responsible for both her life and the life of the unborn child, so our Sarasota OBGYNs at University Park OBGYN, Florida recommend watching what you eat. There are certain foods both the American Pregnancy Association, Food and Drug Administration, and the Mayo Clinic recommend avoiding to ensure there aren’t any untended complications with the birth of your child. 


Foods Our Sarasota OBGYN Recommends Avoiding

Paying careful attention to your diet is something your Sarasota OBGYN will emphasize to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Our University Park OBGYN, Florida staff know how dangerous it can be to consume raw or undercooked eggs, seafood, beef, or poultry due to the heightened risk of salmonella and other bacteria; on this same topic, it’s important to avoid seafood with high mercury levels as well, including swordfish, shark meat, and king mackerel. Our Sarasota OBGYNs will also recommend avoiding drinking alcohol, excess caffeine, and consuming unpasteurized milk or cheese. 


Why Avoid Certain Foods During Pregnancy

The main reason why your Sarasota OBGYN will advise against adding certain food or drink to your diet during pregnancy is, in short, to preserve the health of your unborn child. Maintaining proper nutrition is essential to lessen your risk of birth defects and even miscarriages. By consulting with experts at University Park OBGYN, Florida, you can ensure you are giving your growing child the necessary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals he or she needs.

Know For Sure By Visiting A Sarasota OBGYN

If you’re unsure exactly what you should be adding or eliminating from your daily diet, get all your questions answered with our Sarasota OBGYNs at University Park OBGYN, Florida. Our patient-centered focus is designed to accommodate mothers-to-be at any stage of their pregnancy. Meet our team for yourself and let us help you ensure your diet is conducive to the eventual birth of a happy, healthy little boy or girl. 

Consult A Sarasota OBGYN During your Pregnancy

University Park OBGYN, Florida is proud to provide high-quality obstetrics and gynecology care to pregnant mothers and young women across the Sarasota area. Let us help you maintain your health with flexible, convenient appointment hours to fit in with your schedule. Learn more about our prenatal and postpartum care and contact a Sarasota OBGYN today!