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An abnormal Pap test does not always mean you have cervical cancer, but it does merit further investigation. At Women to Women OB GYN Care in Hollywood, Florida, Dr. Shrusan Gray and Dr. Svetlana Maslyak provide expert evaluation and further testing when your Pap test comes back with irregularities. Call the office or book an appointment online today to take advantage of their expertise in addressing Pap test results.


Abnormal Pap Smears and Colposcopy Q & A

A Pap test, also known as a Pap smear, is done during your yearly pelvic exam. The doctors use a swab or brush to collect a sampling of cells from your cervix. The test takes just a few seconds and may cause a little pressure, but no pain.

The sampling of cells is then sent to a laboratory for testing to screen for cervical cancer. Pap tests are recommended for women ages 21 and older. You may have them yearly, or less often if you’re at low risk of cervical cancer and have had several normal Pap tests in a row.

A normal Pap test means the laboratory found no irregular cells during the reading of your sample. Abnormal results, however, can mean many different things. An abnormal test doesn’t mean you have cervical cancer, but it does mean that abnormal cells were identified.

In many cases, the abnormal cells are a normal result of aging or show up due to a previous infection, usually human papillomavirus (HPV.) But in some cases, your abnormal cells may be classified as:

  • Atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance, which usually aren’t of great concern
  • Squamous intraepithelial lesion, which may indicate cells that are precancerous
  • Atypical glandular cells, which describe cells that are abnormal and it’s unclear whether they’re cancerous, so more testing is necessary
  • Squamous cell cancer or adenocarcinoma cells, which indicates a high chance that cancer is present

Following an abnormal Pap test, Dr. Gray or Dr. Maslyak may perform a colposcopy to further examine the tissue of your cervix.

A colposcopy is a test that allows for a more thorough examination of your cervical tissue. Dr. Gray or Dr. Maslyak insert a device called a colposcope into your vagina. The colposcope is affixed with a lens and bright light, which allow your OB/GYN to get a better look at the tissue of your cervix. If they see irregular tissue, they may take a biopsy, a small sampling of tissue, and send it to a lab for further testing.

To learn more about a Pap test and evaluation of abnormal results, call Women to Women OB GYN Care or book an appointment online today.

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