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Pregnancy, hormonal changes, and aging can all contribute to cosmetic and functional changes. These may include sagging tissue, elongated loose skin, painful and dry discomfort. Fortunately, women now have a non-invasive option to treat all of these issues with non surgical vaginal rejuvenation procedure called Votiva.

Votiva A Solution For

The decision to start a family can be a daunting task that can be stressful. AWV_OBGYN provides complete care and counseling that lessens the stress and anxiety that can cause complications. Our counseling services cater to each patient from the beginning of this decision.We discuss the patient’s family medical history and current health conditions that may affect conception and the baby’s health and development.These sessions give us the opportunity to provide individually tailored care programs to ensure the best outcome for mother and baby.

We provide prescriptions for all necessary medications and prenatal vitamins that include folic acid, as well as nutritional information and safe exercise programs.


Dryness & Pain

Pain sensation

Excess tissue

Laxity & wrinkled appearance

Low blood flow and sensitivity


Votiva is a non-surgical feminine treatment that reduces vulvar laxity, strengthens the muscles, and improves intimacy function. Compared to other rejuvenation treatments, Votiva is known for its minimal downtime and gentle, but effective technique. Votiva combines two cutting-edge technologies to address both internal and external feminine concerns.


Votiva is used internally to treat laxity, discomfort, urinary incontinence after giving birth, intense athletics, age and discomfort.


Improve the tone and appearance with Fractora V! A comfortable, quick and, painless treatment delivering tightening and resurfacing without surgery.

Many patients will experience immediate results, but optimal results will develop gradually over time as healthy collagen is produced. For optimal results, 2-3 sessions are usually recommended, but this all depends on your personal goals from this treatment. Votiva is completely non-invasive, so it requires little to no downtime. Some patients may experience redness, sensitivity, or tenderness, but this should only last a few hours. For the most part, patients do not experience discomfort, and they can immediately resume their regular daily activities post-procedure.


“I met Dr. Germain-George for the 1st time yesterday. I had been researching OBGYNs for some time trying to find the right one for me. From the time I entered the office I knew I would like it. It was nice and clean and welcoming. The staff was very nice and apologized for running late but I understood as I came in late myself. Once in the office with the Dr I told her my history and background and she immediately put my doubts to rest as she assured me that we both had same goals and her job was to do her best to get me a healthy baby and that my health as well would be her number one priority. I am so glad I found her. I know she will take good care of me!”

Robbie B.

“Great staff! They always try to cover all your needs. Doctor Germaine has always a positive attitude. Aura is super helpful in dealing with your appointments, endurance and refills!”

Tania R.

“Everybody from the Front Desk to the doctor were so sweet and they really care about your health and experience! I feel that Dr. Germain-George was very knowledgeable and open to answer questions and educate her patients; she was very patient and made the experience not as awkward- recommend 10/10.”

Raven M.

“Dr. Germain-George and her staff were all amazing! They made me feel comfortable during the entire visit and answered all my questions. I highly recommend this office.”

Shona J.

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