We offer several women’s health services that support overall health and wellness for women of all ages in Tamarac, Florida. From your first exam to managing menopause, we provide advice, care, screening, diagnosis, and treatment to support your needs.

Women’s health services should be comprehensive and should offer a wide variety of assistance to women.

Starting with first gynecological exams for teens, through yearly wellness health exams, contraceptive counseling, helping tackle bladder issues, to embracing menopause, our women’s health clinic strives to excel at providing only the best services and letting our patients know that we genuinely care.

In many ways, women’s health presents an intricate and complex topic that often needs to be assessed from different aspects. For example, pregnancy education is one of the cornerstones of proper women’s health care.

Everything from proper contraception counseling through understanding pregnancy preparation to even postpartum care can pose challenges for women, and a certified expert could greatly help them with these hurdles along the way.

Our women’s health specialists have the required expertise to perform all the necessary exams you need to ensure that you’re in optimal health. Apart from that, they are also respected professionals who understand that women’s care isn’t just about examinations. Counseling on women’s health topics is just as important. May those be an introduction to having safe sex, contraception, nutrition, and diet help or embracing the changes that come with menopause, our experts are here to help with their vast knowledge and valuable experience.

We strive to provide the best contraceptive counseling and maintenance services to make sure our patients know how to practice safe sex and take matters of planned parenthood into their own hands. Furthermore, genetic testing services can serve as the next step of their journey if they choose to become parents.

That being said, if you’re looking for the best options when it comes to South Florida women’s care services, you can rest assured that our team of certified women’s health specialists will make sure that you will be in the best of hands with them whenever you enter our doors.

Our office is equipped with the latest equipment that uses the latest technology for performing precise examinations, which are critical for making correct diagnoses.

To get the best care, reach out to us today, and let us give you the best care possible.

The first examination with a new patient includes an in-depth review of current health concerns, past history, family history, and social/environmental factors along with a complete physical exam, laboratory testing and recommendations for ongoing health maintenance.

With a review of the past years events, labs, & medical concerns, this exam addresses the specific recommendations for each phase of your life. My goal is to promote a healthy life with emphasis on screening & preventative measures, to ensure your well being.

A complete discussion of the issues relevant to this important time in a woman’s life.

I provide in office, state-of-the-art ultrasound (sonogram), both abdominal and vaginal, to evaluate the female pelvic organs. This includes diagnosing, screening & prevention along with immediate results from Dr. Krinsky.

In-house testing is provided with certified DEXA Bone Density equipment & counseling on the treatment & prevention of osteoporosis, again with immediate results & recommendations.

In-House evaluation & treatment of your bladder issues including computerized bladder testing, medication, & non-drug options for treatment. These include on-site Bladder Physical Therapy by Certified Physical Therapist and nerve stimulation (similar to acupuncture) to improve bladder leakage, frequency & urgency. Coming soon, new & exciting options.

I share my expertise in hormonal & non-hormonal options. These include bio-identical & trans-dermal (patch) treatments. As a Certified Menopause Specialist through The North American Menopause Society, I bring the most current approaches to my practice.

We are proud to offer the latest version of HCG, under the tongue spray. Please don’t be misled by over-the-counter preparations or homeopathic products. We only offer pharmaceutical grade HCG, prescribed under Physician supervision. In addition, we now offer a totally hormone-free preparation that can even be used by our cancer survivors. We are getting excellent results, up to 40 lb weight loss in a 2 month period. Call us now for your free consult.

Laser light revitalizing for pain with intercourse, vaginal itching, and burning.


“Dr. Krinsky has been my Dr. for many years. He has always exhibited great thoroughness and a caring disposition. I would highly recommend Dr. Krinsky to anyone looking for a gynecologist”

B H T.

“Dr. Krinsky is very knowledgeable and provides a thorough examination. Dr. Krinsky and his friendly staff always makes me feel comfortable.”

Arlene P.

“Dr. Andrew Krinsky, and all his staff provide the most excellent experience. Dr. Krinsky is very nice doctor and makes you feel so comfortable.”

Alejandra F.

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Dr. Andrew Krinsky is a Preferred Provider & In-Network Participant in most insurance plans. He does not participate with Medicaid. Call our office for specific information about our participation with your plan. Also, ask about the possibility of us joining your plan.

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