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Our South Florida gynecology, obstetrics, and urogynecology practice in Miami, FL offers comprehensive and compassionate care for women of all ages. Our highly qualified OB/GYN physician, Dr. I. Anthony Cardella, offers a broad range of services using the latest technologies to ensure an accurate diagnosis and thorough treatment of your female health concerns

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The field of medicine that takes care of women is gynecology, and it differs from obstetrics because it only treats women who are not pregnant. Gynecology encompasses numerous examinations, tests, and screenings that are all designed to detect health issues that can significantly affect a woman’s reproductive health and well-being.


Obstetrics is a medicinal field that caters to the needs of women during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period. Since pregnancy represents a very special time in a woman’s life, they should be provided with special care as well


You have encountered the terms urologist and gynecologist, but what does the urogynecologist do? Urogynecologist is a medical practitioner with residency in either urology or obstetrics and gynecology

Patient Feedback

Liset M.

Excellent team of doctors and assistants. Very ethical. High level of professionalism. My Doctor Cardella has a lot of knowledge. I recommend the clinic 100 percent👍  

Maria A.

  In my experience going to see Dr. Cardella been great. Starting with staff very nice, you don’t wait long to see them. The medical assistance, the phlebotomist, secretary, front desk girls, everyone is nice and professional. I am very pleased to recommend Dr. Cardella to all my friends.  

Lisbeth L.

Dr. Cardella is very delicate, amazing and very knowledgeable. The staff is also very caring.  

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