C-Section Recovery: 7 Tips for a Smooth Healing Process

Whether you're finding yourself faced with an unexpected emergency cesarean section or a scheduled C-section, one thing stays the same: The healing process is no walk on the beach. Not only is your body recovering from major abdominal surgery, but you're caring for a newborn around the clock and, in some cases, adjusting to nursing

Beaches OBGYN Is Proud to Partner With Concierge Cosmetics

As women, we can be so busy taking care of others that we often forget to take care of ourselves, too. Whether you're combating unwanted hair growth or hormonal acne, or you simply want a more personalized skincare regimen, we want to make it easier for you to find solutions. We are proud to be

Ab Separation: What You Should Know About Diastasis Recti

Women often have high hopes that their bodies will "bounce back" shortly after pregnancy — and then they feel disappointed when that doesn't happen. But the truth is, it took nine months to grow that bundle of joy, and postpartum recovery takes time, Mama. In fact, consider removing "bounce back" from your vocabulary altogether because

Who Is a Good Candidate for a VBAC?

Every pregnancy comes with a slew of choices — baby names, nursery decor, and preferences regarding labor and delivery are aplenty. But what if this is your second or third pregnancy, and you've already had a cesarean section? Contrary to popular belief, that doesn't necessarily mean that you must have a C-section — which accounts

Finding the Right Prenatal Vitamin for You

Prenatal vitamins are a key component of having a healthy pregnancy, and they should be taken daily when trying to conceive and while pregnant. A healthy diet is also important, but that can only cover so much, which is where prenatals come in — they can help fill in any nutritional gaps to ensure that

How to Protect Yourself and Your Baby from COVID-19

Whether expecting your first or your fourth child, pregnancy (and motherhood, for that matter) can be both an exciting time and fraught with stress and anxiety. You want to keep both yourself and your baby as healthy as possible, and with that natural desire comes choices and decisions that must be made. When pregnant

Struggling With Infertility? You’re Not Alone

If you and your partner are struggling to have a sweet bundle of joy, you're not alone. (Trust us.) Infertility is best described as not being able to get pregnant (or stay pregnant) despite having frequent, unprotected sex for at least a year. In the United States, about 12% of married couples have difficulty getting

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Expectant Mama

Nourishing new life in your growing belly is a round-the-clock job that isn't for the faint of heart. From dealing with occasional-turned-frequent discomfort to certain lifestyle adjustments in order to keep baby healthy (see ya, sushi and wine!), expectant mamas deserve to be treated extra special this holiday season. So, whether she's anxiously awaiting her

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