Tiny Warriors: Tips for NICU Parents

Having your sweet newborn baby whisked off to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) can be a heart-wrenching, anxiety-ridden experience for any parent. Whether born prematurely, underweight, or with health complications, some babies wind up needing extra-special care — and parents find themselves visiting their newest arrival in the NICU instead of adjusting to life

Your Labor & Delivery Hospital Bag Checklist

While so much can feel uncertain surrounding labor & delivery (despite even the best birth plans), one thing is for sure: You definitely don't want to be frantically packing your hospital bag in between piercing labor contractions. It is suggested to have your hospital bag packed and ready to go anywhere between weeks 32 and

All Births Are Beautiful: Kristin’s Natural Birth Story

When Kristin Gaspar went in for her 38-week checkup in June, she expected nothing more than a routine visit. Little did she know, she would be giving birth to her baby girl just hours later. Upon discovering a leftover stitch from her recent cerclage removal and a dilated cervix of 4cm, Kristin was sent to

The Pill: Is It Right for You?

There's a reason that birth control pills have been one of the most popular forms of contraception for decades. (Yes, decades! The pill was legalized in the U.S. way back in the 1960s.) During their childbearing years, many women opt to use oral contraceptives as a way to prevent pregnancy thanks to their availability, ease

Does Pregnancy Put You at Higher Risk for Coronavirus?

The short answer is we do not know at this time. The Centers for Disease Control currently doesn't know if pregnant women have a greater chance of getting sick than the general population, but pregnancy does result in bodily changes that may increase the risk of contracting and having more severe illness with certain viral

Your Grief Matters: Coping with Pregnancy & Infant Loss

Whether you were pregnant for only a few weeks or were fortunate enough to get to cuddle your baby for a few days, losing a child via a miscarriage or a post-delivery illness can be a heartbreaking, life-changing experience. Be it an unexpected or planned pregnancy, a special bond materializes almost immediately between you and

Your Commonly Asked Breastfeeding Questions, Answered

The art of breastfeeding can be a conundrum for many new (and even experienced!) moms — from latch to milk supply to the frequency of feeds. But there's no doubt when it comes to the endless benefits that breast milk can provide your baby. Known to many as nature's perfect baby food, breast milk is

The Reality of Postpartum Depression

Bringing a new baby into the family can introduce a whole host of emotions, from excitement and joy to sadness and anxiety. The flux of hormones coupled with the extreme life change, be it your first baby or your fifth, can contribute to several of these negative feelings. This can cause both confusion and even

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