The field of medicine that takes care of women is gynecology, and it differs from obstetrics because it only treats women who are not pregnant. Gynecology encompasses numerous examinations, tests, and screenings that are all designed to detect health issues that can significantly affect a woman’s reproductive health and well-being. For healthy women, it is suggested that they visit a gynecologist once a year and go through various routine tests as advised by their doctor.

Once you start visiting a gynecologist regularly, you should make sure to feel comfortable and confident to talk to them about everything that concerns you. Their task is to provide you with prompt and adequate care and treatment, but you should know to recognize warning signs that are potential symptoms of serious conditions such as fibroids, cysts, and, ultimately, cancer.

The role of your gynecologist is to give you information about your health, give you advice, and administer necessary examinations. You can expect questions about your age, lifestyle, medical history, and habits since these are all important for the gynecologist’s assessment of your health. Additionally, a pelvic floor exam and ultrasound are performed first to understand the state of your health. This will give your gynecologist more details about what tests and screenings to suggest to ensure you are well taken care of. Although some of these examinations can be a bit uncomfortable, you should know they are absolutely necessary.

Modern medicine and the development of medicinal equipment have made gynecology much more effective at detecting different conditions, diseases, and illnesses that are common for all women during the reproductive age. It’s never been easier to diagnose and treat serious health issues, which is why gynecologists rely on the usage of modern technology. Collaborating with and following the advice of your gynecologist is important because it can help you catch serious health issues on time and being provided with proper treatment options.

If you have more specific questions about gynecological issues, you can contact us at our office at any time. Our team of professional gynecologists can provide you with minute care and appropriate attention. We specialize in all sorts of gynecological problems and have experience in treating women of all ages and profiles. We have access to the latest modern equipment that allows us to provide our patients with appropriate treatment and therapy. Book an appointment today and get check out by someone from our team.

Patient Feedback

Melissa L.

This Dr is a genius! I have been coming to her for almost 10 years and she has been so helpful always. Is very patient, kind, and takes her time with her patients. Her staff is incredible and also very caring and patient. They are very organized and move quickly when it comes to sending out prescriptions. I LOVE this Dr. and her staff. The people who gave her 1 star, I could not disagree with them more.  

Danae P.

  Dr. Hecker has been my gynecologist for over 10 years and she is absolutely amazing. The staff are bilingual and make you fee like you’re part of the family. Dr. Hecker is extremely knowledgeable in her field and will genuinely listen to what your problems are. She will also refer you the best medication necessary and she will also treat you gently. Like any professional she asks that you follow the rules of the office and I believe that is fine. As long as you respect her she will respect you. I love my experience there every time.  

Juliette P.

  Dr. Hecker has been my gynecologist for 3 years now and its been a great experience especially since shes my first gyno doctor, i felt very comfortable sharing with her my personal needs and situations she took care of well, shes nice and well mannered . I mean having a women who resembles a mother as your gyno is great.  

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