Breast Cancer Prevention
in Miami Florida

Prevention and early detection is pivotal in the successful treatment of diseases of the breast. A team of experts in the Breast Care Center Miami is at your disposal for counseling and guidance.

Genetic Counseling and Testing

As research in the field of genetics advances it has become evident that genetics plays a major role in a variety of malignant diseases. At Breast Care Center Miami we offer genetic counseling both before and after genetic testing.

The results of genetic testing can have a wide range of effects, results can change cancer screening recommendations, change treatment options offered in the treatment of breast disease, and can have implications on many insurance products.

Here at Breast Care Center Miami, we have specialists who will help you navigate these complexities.

Risk Reduction Treatment for Cancer

Risk factors for breast cancer can be both inherent and avoidable. Both types will contribute to the overall risk of development of breast cancer. At Breast Care Center Miami we will work with you to implement a risk reduction strategy that is personalized to your specific needs. For extremely high risk patients risk reduction strategies may include hormone therapy or bilateral prophylactic mastectomy.

Services We Offer


Breast Surgical Oncology

Specializing in the surgical treatment of benign and malignant breast disease, our surgical oncologists provide the highest level of care available with a personal approach that supports our patients throughout their treatment journey.


Comprehensive Evaluation

Our highly qualified team will provide a comprehensive breast evaluation and a customized treatment plan that is specific to your needs.

Genetic Counseling and High Risk Screening

Many factors affect your risk of developing breast cancer. At Breast Care Center Miami we use the most up to date risk assessment models to estimate your risk of developing breast cancer. We also provide genetic testing and genetic counseling before and after genetic testing.

Patient Feedback

Rafaela H.

  Great surgeon, very caring and compassionate.  

Selena P.

  I just met him today and he was amazing! Highly recommend him! Good vibes  

Bob D.

  Simply the best!  

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