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Some might believe that cancer is a single disease, but it’s a group of related diseases. Lifestyle, our genes, and our environment can increase or decrease the risk of developing the malignancy.

Furthermore, each person has an “individual cancer risk,” which is the likelihood of them developing a malignancy as a combination of these three factors.

In this regard, breast cancer prevention simply means lowering the chances of developing malignancy in the breast tissue.

About Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is among the most common malignancies in women in the US, followed only by skin cancer. The disease develops when cells in the breast tissue start to mutate and spread uncontrollably, often invading other tissues and organs. Unfortunately, it is also the second most fatal malignancy in US women, second only to lung cancer. The disease may also develop in men, but only sporadically when compared to women.

Breast Cancer Prevention: Understanding Risk Factors

Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to avoid cancer. Still, women can avoid some of the risk factors that can help with breast cancer risk reduction in general.

The following are the most common breast cancer risks:

  • Older age
  • Personal history of benign breast tumors
  • Genetic predisposition (inherited breast cancer risk)
  • Dense breast tissue
  • Hormone therapy for relieving menopause symptoms
  • Smoking and drinking
  • Obesity
  • Radiation therapy to the chest or breast

Breast Cancer Prevention Approaches

Lifestyle Changes
Exercising regularly and eating a balanced diet can help with the prevention of breast cancer and a range of other health problems. Avoiding alcohol and smoking and maintaining a healthy weight can also help avoid the disease.

Attending Regular Screenings
Regular mammograms might not help with breast cancer risk reduction per se, but they can help catch any suspicious changes and tissue early on. Detecting mutations early can allow providers to use less invasive techniques to treat the disease more efficiently. Needless to say, these treatment methods may also be easier on the patient.

According to pertaining studies, breastfeeding women are statistically less likely to develop breast malignancies than those who don’t.

Breast Cancer Prevention Treatments

Risk levels of developing breast cancer may be more precisely determined with the help of genetic tests. What is Genetic testing? Also called genomic testing, a testing method during which providers look for genetic changes that can lead to specific health problems, in this case, breast cancer.

After assessing that there’s a high risk for the development of the disease, experts usually recommend two treatment options:

  •  Mastectomy: surgery to remove as much breast tissue as possible to reduce the chances of developing the malignancy in high-risk patients. In some cases, a mastectomy can reduce breast cancer risks by up to 90%.
  •  Medicine: Specific compounds like estrogen antagonists, aromatase inhibitors, and other compounds can help avoid breast cancer.

Help with Preventing Breast Cancer in Miami, Florida

Having to think about cancer prevention can be daunting for most people. Still, people can lower their risk of such severe diseases with the necessary lifestyle changes and precautions.

Learn more about breast cancer prevention strategies today by reaching out to us.

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