Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases

Pathogenic microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi are the main causes of infectious diseases. Many of these organisms surround us and exist both in and on our bodies, yet it is only under specific circumstances that they become dangerous for our health. 

Sources of contamination can be various: contact with an infected person, insects, animals, contaminated water or food and general exposure to harmful microorganisms in a specific environment. Symptoms of the infection can vary, depending on the type and severity. Fever and fatigue are common, but other symptoms may include cough, diarrhea and muscle pain. 

In case you are experiencing any of the above or have prolonged headaches, trouble breathing, and rashes on your body – you should consult a doctor and check if you have caught an infection. Especially in scenarios where you have been bitten by an animal or insect or if you spent a significant amount of time in riskier environments where you could get exposed to the source of infection.

Bacterial infections are caused by bacteria – one-cell organisms. They are responsible for a variety of diseases, ranging from strep throat to tuberculosis. Viruses are even smaller than the bacteria, can be carried airborne or through direct contact, the most notorious illness caused by a virus is AIDS. Parasites are also responsible for many infections, one of them being mosquito-residing parasite which causes malaria. Lastly, fungi can affect patients and cause many severe rashes and skin infections and even infect the nervous systems and lungs in some more radical scenarios.

During the peak seasons of infections, it is quite common to get sick since direct exposure to people carrying viruses leads to further spreading to non-infected patients. Handshake, cough or a kiss can all lead to illness. Indirectly you can catch the germ of an infected person simply by touching the knob or a surface that is contaminated.

If you have any concerns, symptoms or persistent maladies, consult our expert physicians and get checked for infectious diseases.

Pathogenic microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi are the main causes of infectious diseases.


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