Have you found this blog post because you’re wondering how to find a new internal medicine doctor to oversee your and your spouse’s medical care? If so, you’re in good company. There are a variety of reasons that patients just like you in Hialeah, Florida are searching for a new primary care physician, including:

  • Having just joined TopLine MD.
  • Switching to a new health insurance provider and needing to find a new internal medicine doctor who is in-network. 
  • Needing a new primary care physician after your original provider has retired or moved.
  • Being new to the Hialeah, Florida area. 
  • Wanting to change providers to find someone who is a better fit for you and your specific healthcare needs and goals.

When you’re looking to select physicians for your medical care, there are several important things you need to consider. Continue reading for my best tips on how to find a primary care doctor who meets your specific healthcare needs and goals.

Look For a Good Internal Medicine Doctor Who’s In-Network with Your Health Insurance Company

I always recommend that patients who can’t afford to pay out-of-pocket for all their healthcare expenses choose physicians who are in-network with their health insurance plans. Doing so will result in fewer healthcare expenses for you, as you’ll only pay co-pays and deductibles whichever applies to your health insurance plan), rather than the full cost of a doctor visit. At my primary care practice, I accept a wide variety of Florida health insurance plans. You can view the complete list of health insurance plans I accept here.

Look For a Good Internal Medicine Doctor Who’s In-Network with Your Health Insurance Company

The Best Internal Medicine Doctor for You Will Be One Who Can Manage All Your General Healthcare Needs

Not all internal medicine practices are alike. Generally, these practices focus on preventative care so that you don’t develop a chronic disease, managing any conditions you may have that don’t require the oversight of a specialist, as well as taking care of you when you’re sick. However, some practices, like mine, offer more of a patient-centered medical home than others.

For example, in addition to providing the expected level of care that a primary care doctor provides, at my internal medicine practice I also assist patients with:

  • Aesthetic treatments including treatments for common skin conditions such as wrinkles, acne scars, spider veins, stretch marks, and even permanent laser hair removal.
  • Joint injections, which treat pain and inflammation in your joints which may be caused by a variety of medical conditions including arthritis, gout, or tendonitis.
  • Immunizations, as it’s important to stay current on vaccinations to safeguard yourself against preventable diseases, even as an adult.
  • Mental health counseling, which is a very important part of my practice to me since the National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that in 2018, 1 in 5 people experienced a mental illness such as depression or anxiety. 
  • Ultrasound technology, so I can diagnose a variety of conditions without you needing to go to a different medical center or a specialist who may cost more to visit if we suspect you have an issue with one of your organs such as your bladder, kidneys, or liver.
  • Women’s healthcare needs, including providing well-woman exams to examine your reproductive organs, perform your annual pap smear, and examine your breasts for lumps which may be cancerous.
  • Overall Patient Wellness, including choosing a healthy lifestyle (by, for example, quitting smoking or vaping if you do so), maintaining a regular exercise regimen to promote proper physical health, addressing your spiritual well-being, and making your living environment a healthy one.

To learn more about all the medical services I provide at my practice, call my office Monday through Thursday at (305) 614-5201.

If You’re Wondering How to Find a Primary Care Doctor, Ask Your Local Friends and Family for Recommendations, and Read Reviews Online Too

When you’re looking for a great internal medicine doctor for you, perhaps there’s nothing more valuable than endorsements from those who are happy with their primary care physician.

Patients like you don’t just select physicians on a whim. You want to know what a doctor’s practice is like, how his or her bedside manner is, and how satisfied current patients are with the medical care they’re receiving from the physician. Word-of-mouth recommendations can go a long way in helping you find a primary care doctor for you. Traditionally, people have received recommendations from people they already know. While these referrals are extremely important, the Internet, and in particular, social media, have made it easier than ever for you to crowdsource this type of information when you’re looking for a new internal medicine doctor. These days, patients are very likely to write reviews about their doctors on websites like Google, health rating websites, and social media sites like Facebook. I’m proud and very humbled that I have several happy patients who have provided me with many positive reviews and a high star rating on Google.

Consider The Logistics of Where You’d Like Your Primary Care Physician Located, and When You’ll Ideally Schedule Appointments with Him or Her.

Some of my patients are stay-at-home parents or spouses, or retirees. I also have patients who work – sometimes several miles away from home. When it comes to finding the best internal medicine doctor for you, consider where you’d prefer to meet with him or her – close to home, or close to your office so you can schedule well-check visits before or after work, or on your lunch break. To be as available as possible for my patients, I offer extended business hours so you can make an appointment at a time that’s most convenient for you. My practice opens at 7:30 am – so you can see me before you have to be in the office – and closes at 6:00 pm – so patients who work can leave the office a little early to visit me during late afternoons. My practice is open during these hours Mondays through Thursdays.

The Best Way to Choose Doctors for Your Medical Care is to Meet With Them Before You Commit to Them

The Best Way to Choose Doctors for Your Medical Care is to Meet With Them Before You Commit to Them

Many people don’t realize it, but you can actually schedule an appointment to meet and interview a doctor before you decide to transfer into his or her care. This is a great opportunity to get to know the doctors you’re considering, meet his or her staff, and discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your healthcare before deciding who is a good internal medicine doctor for you. In my practice, I encourage prospective patients to schedule a time to meet with me so we can discuss their unique healthcare situation and needs, get to know each other, and determine if my practice will be a good fit for them. You can inquire about scheduling such an appointment by calling my office at (305) 614-5201.

Trust Your Instincts When Searching for a New Physician

Finally, the best piece of advice I can give you on how to find a primary care doctor is to go with your gut. After doing the due diligence that I’ve outlined above, you’ll have ample information about prospective physicians to manage your health. Take all that information in, think about it carefully, and choose the physician you’re most comfortable with and confident in.