If you are suffering from a problem with your kidneys, you may need to get an ultrasound of the organs performed regularly. Furthermore, doctors may use an ultrasound to diagnose problems with these organs. The procedure is generally considered to be safe and effective. In order to ensure that the procedure is properly performed, it’s important to choose a skilled and experienced physician to perform it. Here’s what you need to know about a kidney ultrasound procedure.

What Does an Ultrasound of the Kidneys Show?

There are many different problems that a kidney ultrasound procedure will find, and early detection of these disorders can dramatically improve the effectiveness of their treatment. Some examples are cysts, suspected cancers, and kidney stones. These are some of the most common examples of conditions that the ultrasound kidney can detect:

  • Suspected Cancers of the Kidney and Adrenal Glands: Cancers of the adrenal glands and kidneys will be visible on the ultrasound kidney scan as a lump, which is not supposed to be there. While the ultrasound will not determine that it is cancer definitively, a mass found during the scan will be grounds for a biopsy and analysis. This subsequent testing will allow doctors to determine whether or not it’s cancerous.
  • Kidney Stones: Kidney stones are quite common, and they can affect people of any age. However, they are most common in people who are middle-aged and older.
  • Nephritis (an example is the inflammation of the kidney): The ingestion of toxic substances, metabolic disorders, and other causes of kidney disease leads to inflammation of the kidneys. In some cases, this can be extremely serious. Luckily, an ultrasound will ensure early detection of the condition, which can ensure proper treatment.
  • Failure of the Kidneys: Kidney failure can have a wide range of causes, such as the ingestion of toxic substances, cancers, and metabolic diseases. Luckily, an ultrasound can detect these diseases. Kidney failure can take two primary forms, which are acute or chronic. If you are suffering from acute kidney failure, the organs will fail over a period of hours to a period of months or weeks. Chronic kidney failure will occur over a longer period of time, which could be many years. The ultrasound will be able to detect either type of kidney failure.
  • Certain Disorders of the Adrenal Gland: The adrenal glands are above the kidneys, which means that ultrasounds that examine the kidneys also will allow doctors to get a view of them during the procedure. As a result, the procedure will discover inflammation of the adrenal gland.

Girl's Lower Back Diagnosis

Early Detection Can Dramatically Improve Outcomes

In order to treat a condition like cancer, serious kidney cysts, kidney failure, and other diseases of the organ, it’s important to get the condition diagnosed as soon as possible. This will ensure that treatments will have the maximum level of effectiveness, which will help to reduce the chance that you’ll suffer permanent consequences of the illness. Here’s what you need to know about how early detection of kidney problems can lead to an improved outcome:

  • If you are suffering from cancer, starting treatment before it spreads to other parts of the body will be crucial for your long-term survival. Furthermore, this will help to prevent long-term damage to the kidneys as a result of the tumor(s).
  • If you are suffering from kidney failure, early detection will help to minimize the amount of damage that the organs suffer. This will make it easier to treat the condition in the long run.

What Does an Ultrasound of the Kidneys Show With Certain Specific Medical Issues?

Your doctor will perform this procedure if he or she suspects that the organ is not functioning properly in any way. The ultrasound that’s performed will need to use high-quality equipment in order to ensure an accurate result. Here are a few examples of signs and symptoms that will lead to your doctor performing one:

  • Lack of sufficient urine output
  • Unusual pain in the lower back
  • Nausea, vomiting, and dizziness
  • Extreme fatigue and lethargy
  • Unusually colored urine, especially urine that’s very dark in color
  • Any amount of blood in the urine
  • Abnormal urinalysis results

How to Prepare

Getting an ultrasound for your kidney doesn’t require much prep beforehand. You don’t have to fast like some other procedures. Your doctor will let you know if there are any special things you should do before the ultrasound. In some instances, they may ask you to make sure your bladder is full at the time of the ultrasound. 

The Procedure Is Commonly Performed All Over the World

The procedure is commonly performed by doctors all over the world. Therefore, you can rest assured that the ultrasound that you get will be both safe and effective. Furthermore, most doctors are highly experienced when it comes to performing this procedure.

Doctors Have Been Doing This Procedure for Many Years

Ultrasounds are very well-studied medical technology, and they can allow doctors to see internal organs very clearly. While many people associate them with pregnancy examinations, they actually provide images of all internal organs, including the liver and kidneys.

Woman Undergoing Ultrasound Scan

Today’s Ultrasounds Utilize State of the Art Technology

While ultrasound technology goes back decades, modern ultrasounds are very different than their predecessors. In fact, they implement computer technology and other 21st-century inventions, which have dramatically improved their effectiveness. Furthermore, the technology is likely to continue to improve in the future for many years to come.

Where Are the Kidneys Located?

The kidneys are in the lower back, and they are about the size of your fist. The organs are in a region of the body known as the retroperitoneum. In other words, a membrane that’s behind the peritoneum (e.g. abdominal cavity) encases the kidneys. Therefore, the kidneys are not near other organs located in the lower trunk, such as the intestines.

If You Need a Kidney Ultrasound, We’re the Best Practice to Choose

If you need to get an ultrasound of your kidneys done, we are the best doctors to choose. Not only have we had extensive experience with the procedure, but we use state-of-the-art equipment. This helps to ensure that you will receive accurate results from the test. Here are a few reasons why you should consider choosing us:

  • We’ll be able to quickly schedule your procedure, and we always make the process as convenient as possible.
  • Our ultrasounds implement the latest technology, including exceptionally sensitive devices.
  • We have successfully diagnosed a wide range of kidney problems, including cancers and other serious diseases.

Did you find this information useful? Giving us a call could be the first step towards getting to the bottom of your kidney problems. We have numerous satisfied patients throughout the region. Give us a call or contact us online today to schedule an appointment.