We are very concerned about the possibility of future health problems for those who contract CoVid-19, so we encourage those who can, to get vaccinated as soon as possible.
Also, even though we know now that children seem to have milder forms of the disease, If our babies and small children stop getting their regular schedule vaccines they can be at risk of contracting diseases that do target them and put them at very high risk of mortality and permanent illness (meningitis, polio, tetanus, whooping cough, diphtheria, etc.), so in keeping with this, we encourage all our patients less than 2 years of age and especially our infants to come for their healthy visits and receive their vaccinations as per American Academy of Pediatric guidelines.

IS IT SAFE TO COME TO OUR OFFICE?:Yes!, we are making visits as safe as possible by the following:

  1. We closed our waiting rooms and are making parents wait in their cars until we have a thoroughly clean room available,  and both for their protection and ours, our nurses, students, and doctors wear protective gear. We ask that only one healthy parent accompanies the patient for any given visit with the exception of the newborn to 2 months visits and when more than one child in a family is being seen.
  2. We are aware that some pediatricians’ offices have stopped seeing sick patients, we are committed to our patients and will continue to see sick patients. IF NEED BE, WE TEST FOR COVID-19 VIA PCR WITH RESULTS COMING BACK USUALLY IN 24 HRS.
  3. To decrease the risk to grandparents, we ask that those who have not been fully vaccinated do not come to our office accompanying their grandchildren.
  4. We do not accept walk-ins,  because they need to be screened so please call our office ahead and we will get you an appointment.