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Carrie Greenspan, MD

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If you’re considering starting birth control or are looking for long-term options, such as an intrauterine device (IUD), Carrie Greenspan, MD, FACOG, is a gynecologist who provides contraception counseling and birth control in her Coral Springs, Florida, office. She offers on-site IUD insertion and removal, including the Nexplanon® long-acting reversible contraceptive. Learn about your options today. Call Dr. Greenspan or book a consultation online.

Birth Control Q & A

What are the different kinds of birth control?

You have many choices when it comes to birth control. Some methods are short-term, while others, such as an IUD, last for years. Dr. Greenspan works with you to recommend the contraceptive options that are right for your stage of life.

Your birth control options include:

Barrier methods

These are short-term methods that block sperm from reaching the egg. Barrier methods include diaphragms, the cervical cap, the sponge, and condoms. Condoms are the only method of birth control that prevents sexually transmitted infections.

Short-acting hormonal methods

Hormonal methods generally work by preventing ovulation or stopping sperm from reaching the egg. These options include the pill, patch, vaginal ring, and injections like Depo-Provera.

Long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs)

These methods work by preventing your ovaries from releasing eggs, preventing sperm from getting to the egg, or averting implantation. LARCs include IUDs and hormonal implants, such as Nexplanon, which Dr. Greenspan inserts and removes in her office.

While you may have heard about other methods, such as withdrawal, as a method to avoid pregnancy, you should know these methods are not very effective. Research suggests nearly one in four women using withdrawal as their sole form of birth control will get pregnant in a year.

What are the side effects of birth control?

Hormonal birth control and various methods do come with side effects. Hormonal birth control also may offer benefits, such as lighter or less painful periods. Dr. Greenspan will walk you through the benefits and side effects for various birth control methods to find the one that’s right for you.

How can I choose the birth control that’s right for me?

A variety of factors go into choosing the right birth control method. Dr. Greenspan talks with you about your lifestyle and whether you intend to have children in the next few years. You discuss:

  • Health risks
  • Frequency of sex
  • Your sex partners
  • The risk of sexually transmitted infections
  • Will your partner support your method of choice

We provide insertion and removal procedure for both Nexplanon and IUDs.

If you’ve been thinking about going on birth control, or are dissatisfied with your current method, it’s time to take charge of your sexual health. Call Carrie Greenspan, MD, FACOG, today or book a consultation online.