Well Child Visits and Immunization

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Dr. Esther Marin-Casariego sees patients for well checkups at 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 year, 15 months, 18 months, 2 years, 30 months, 3 years of age and yearly after that until 21 years of age.

Sick Office Visits

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Dr. Esther Marin-Casariego always leaves room in her schedule to see established patients for illness on the same day they call. Walk-in patients are not accepted. All appointments must be scheduled. These visits can be either in person or via telemedicine.

Telemedicine Visits

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Dr. Esther Marin-Casariego is available for Telemedicine Visits for many types of complaints or needs. These appointments need to be scheduled in advance with the office in the same manner as in-person visits. Please contact the office to determine if a Telemedicine visit is appropriate for your child. These can sometimes be used after hours as well. If when contacting Dr. Esther Marin-Casariego for an emergency after hours, she may be able to intervene with a telemedicine visit and thereby avoid an unnecessary trip to the ER or Urgent Care

Preoperative Medical Clearance Exams

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Dr. Esther Marin-Casariego is available to perform preoperative medical clearances for your child’s upcoming surgery. These appointments must be scheduled in advance and usually occur within the 7 days prior to your child’s surgery. Prior to leaving the office, she will give you a printed copy of the preoperative clearance and recommendations, in addition to faxing a copy to your child’s surgeon who requested the medical clearance.

Preparticipation Sports Clearance and Physicals

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Dr. Esther Marin-Casariego is happy to perform these sports physicals as part of your child’s well checkup. These are recommended before participation in competitive athletics. As part of your child’s sports clearance, Dr. Esther Marin-Casariego will arrange for your child to have a free preparticipation sports EKG to help decrease the likelihood of an unforeseen cardiac event occurring during competitive athletics.

Vision Screening

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Dr. Esther Marin-Casariego is able to screen children’s vision as young as 6 months of age. This not only detects whether or not your child is nearsighted or farsighted, it can detect lazy eye, astigmatism, etc.

Ear Piercing

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Ear-piercing is typically performed during your child’s well child visits, but can also be scheduled separately. The cost is $100 and includes the first set of earrings. Dr. Esther Marin-Casariego is a skilled ear-piercing specialist and performs this procedure using sterile technique.

Developmental Screenings and Behavioral Assessments

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Dr. Esther Marin-Casariego is here to evaluate a variety of behavioral conditions as well as developmental delay. She is well-versed in the treatment of
2) ADHD Primarily Inattentive Type
3) Developmental Delay
4) Autism Spectrum Disorder
5) Learning Disabilities etc. She uses a variety of assessment tools including the Ages & Stages Questionnaires, Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers, GAD-7, PHQ-9, etc. Dr. Esther Marin-Casariego will orchestrate a team approach to your child’s treatment which might include Neurologist, Psychiatrist, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, ABA Therapy, etc. She will recommend and coordinate care between these therapeutic modalities.


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Obesity has become a major issue in the modern world, even for young children and adolescents. To be characterized as obese, the child has to have a Body Mass Index higher than 90%. There are many causes for obesity, but working on prevention by establishing a healthy diet and including regular physical activity are the number one priority. Obesity can cause numerous chronic diseases and illnesses, not limited to type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and stroke. Dr. Esther Marin-Casariego will work with your child, often in conjunction with a nutritionist, to help deal with this issue. Children who are established to have 10% more weight than they should are considered good candidates for a weight loss program.

Patient Feedback

Jessica S.

Each visit to Dr. Marin’s office is a wonderful experience. Dr. Marin and her staff are amazing and patient with my children. They truly listen to your concerns and make sure all your questions are answered. I would not take my children anywhere else!!  

Joann R.

  Excellent experience! Dr. Marin-Casariego was patient, kind and professional. My children felt very comfortable. The staff is attentive and polite.  

Andrea C.

  Dr. Marin-Casariego is professional and addresses all of my questions and concerns quickly. She is knowledgeable and I fully trust her. I am also impressed by the dedication and professionalism of her staff. I am very happy that I found such an excellent healthcare provider for my children.   

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