Info For The Patients

Why all the questions?
The receptionist will ask you to fill out an information form which may seem to you to be an invasion of privacy. These questions are a necessary part of the examination for at a glance the doctor will obtain essential data about you. Your address and phone number are needed in case the doctor writes prescriptions for you. Information concerning occupation, age, etc. is likewise important for it has a bearing upon your health and physical status and if you have insurance claims made out by this office all of these items are necessary on the forms. All information given us is confidential. If you wish to download your forms prior to your appointment, please click on the download link to the right.

Our office telephone number, (352) 787-1535 is the appropriate number to call from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. After office hours and on holidays and weekends, patients may reach us through our answering service at our regular office number (352) 787-1535. Due to an extremely large number of telephone calls handled by this office, we have instructed our office personnel to obtain certain essential information from patients calling the office which will enable us to best serve your needs. To assist us in your care and to avoid breakdown of communication, it is essential that patients calling the office to make every reasonable effort to explain their needs and problems as accurately as possible. An answer or return call normally will be forthcoming. Routine prescriptions are not formally filled after 4:00 p.m. or on weekends. However, emergency prescriptions will be filled at any time. For those patients requiring refill of various routine drugs, we urge that you plan ahead and give us reasonable notice to fill your prescription.

Appointments are made up to a year in advance, depending upon the situation. If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please notify the office as soon as possible for rescheduling. In this way we can provide other patients care and not cause you an excessive delay in the future. We try to honor your appointment time, for we firmly believe in the value of your time and dislike long waiting periods in the office. You must understand, however, that in our specialty, babies being born, surgical delays, emergency patients, etc., may cause unforseen delays; and we request your indulgence. If timing is critical to your schedule on a particular day, notify the receptionist and you will be rescheduled either later that day or at another time.

Waiting Room
Since our seating is limited, we request that you limit children, friends and relatives accompanying you to the office. Of course, we realize transportation and baby-sitting problems do arise for which you may not have an alternative choice.

To help combat today’s spiraling economy, with rapid rises in administrative costs, postal rates, etc. we request that you pay for appointments at the time of the visit. All fees for surgical services rendered are standardized for equality and are billed promptly after the service is rendered. Obstetrical fee policies will be outlined in detail by our insurance billers. If financial problems arise, please let us know. We are happy to discuss any and all charges with you. For your convenience we accept Cash, Check, Mastercard and Visa.

Patient Feedback


Dr. Lee and Dr. Britt are by far best the gynecologists in Central Florida. They always make me feel welcome and it’s wonderful to see the same doctors for over 10 years. The Leesburg office is in dire need of some updating and I wished there was more hand sanitizer readily available, but that has nothing to do with the outstanding care that Dr. Lee and Dr. Britt give.  


  Dr Wood is a fantastic Doctor. She is so sweet and is so caring, knowledgeable, through and takes the time to listen and discuss all my concerns and questions. I have been going to her for over a decade. She is wonderful in her profession and I am very comfortable and grateful to be in her care . She’s the best in my opinion !!!  


  This was my first time meeting Dr Lee and I found her to be a delight!! She was knowledgable and very professional and these traits were combined with a great sense of humor and a gentle, caring relational style. I enjoyed my time with her very much!!!  

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