Office Policies

You are responsible for knowing what your insurance requires prior to seeing any specialist. Request your referral at least 72 hours in advance through our referral department. Once the referral is ready you will be called to pick it up. Once we refer your child, please follow step-by-step instructions provided. The list of specialists we provide are the ones we recommend. However, your insurance plan may have other Doctors available.

Request during your office visit or during regular office hours. Refills can take up to 3 days. Antibiotics are not prescribed over the phone.

We will always do our best to return ALL messages within the day.

Your child must have an updated physical and current vaccines to attend school. These forms must be requested in advance and may require a few days of waiting time, especially durgin high demand season prior to school entry (July and August of every year).

May, June and early July are the best times to schedule school physicals. Mid-July to Mid-August is the busiest time. Do not procrastinate, as school physicals are not done on an emergency basis.

Our office will provide a diagnostic summary and copies of your child’s vaccine records for free. Any additional copies will cost $1.00 per page for the first 25 pages, then 25 cents for each additional page after that. Inactive charts are kept in storage and will require additional processing time. To release records to Dr. Aguero, the form needs to be faxed to your prior Pediatrician. To obtain a record from dr. Aguero the form needs to be faxed to our office.

If you are scheduled for a first-time visit, please make sure to bring your immunization records to better assist you and your child. We cannot provide you with school forms at the time of your visit unless you provide these records.