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At MyCare Health Partners, we believe the quality of care you receive has the power to enhance your health and your overall quality of life. Our board-certified physicians pride themselves in providing patients the most up-to-date, evidence-based healthcare, while maintaining patients at the very center of the care.

Together, with a skilled and professional careteam, MyCare upholds the core attributes of a medical home and recognizes that every patient should be in control of their own health.


“Very professional, clean and prompt. Great response rate when you leave a message and referrals are seamless.”

Diana G.

“Have only been here once, but they were efficient, friendly and caring. The doctors are both friendly and take their time to talk to you.”

Janin E.

“They have Saturday hours – which is amazing. The staff was quick and courteous and the office was extremely clean.”

Nicole D.

“I really appreciated the COVID-19 protocols they’ve placed to protect themselves and their patients. Despite the challenge this pandemic may present to the office, they still managed to deliver professional, competent, and empathetic care.”

Daniel F.

Our Services

Whether it’s treating the common cold, conducting an annual physical, or monitoring and controlling high blood pressure, we are available to assist you in your everyday health and long term medical needs.

Annual Physicals

Visiting a doctor each year for an exam about your vital health information is critical to stay informed about your overall health. Our team of board-certified physicians from South Miami perform multiple exams including: comprehensive physical exams, routine annual physicals, school physicals and sports physicals.

General Health

General Health

Let us be your partner in health by relying on us for your general health needs. We specialize in adolescent health, men’s health, women’s health and geriatric health. Providing access to quality care for diabetes, heart health, allergies, mental health and everything in between, we help guide and support you whatever your healthcare needs


Are you in need of immunizations? Immunizations are important for a variety of reasons, and by receiving an immunization, you’re able to defend yourself of your child from things like the flu, measles and HPV. We offer a variety of immunizations for adolescents and adults, so you can stay up-to-date on recommended vaccines for you and your family.

Preventative Health

Just as important as providing timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment, is helping guide patients through their preventative health options. From nutrition consultation to smoking cessation, our team of physicians and specialists from South Miami can recommend methods to take control of your health and create better health outcomes for you and your family.

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We are pleased to offer extended and Saturday hours to accommodate your busy schedule. To schedule an appointment, please complete the form below or call our office at (786) 481-4706.

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