Minimally Invasive Surgery in Jacksonville, Florida

Minimally Invasive surgery

Drs. Wechter and Guha are fellowship-trained to perform advanced laparoscopic, robotic, and hysteroscopic surgery. Fellowship training involves at least an additional 2 years of surgical instruction and experience with both standard and complex gynecologic surgeries. This additional training contributes to our excellent safety record and our ability to address nearly all benign gynecologic problems with a minimally invasive approach. Over 95% of our patients are discharged home on the day of surgery, even for major surgery such as hysterectomy.

Minimally invasive surgery involves use of a variety of techniques to operate with very small incisions. Minimally invasive surgery results in lower infection rates, less pain, more acceptable scarring (cosmesis), shorter hospital stays, less blood loss, and faster recovery than larger incisions (laparotomies).
Laparoscopic surgery is done through one or more small incisions, using small tubes through which a camera and surgical instruments are used to complete the procedure. Advanced laparoscopic surgery can be enhanced with robotics.

Robotic surgery provides the surgeon with 3-4 hands, a magnified 3-D view of the surgical site, and improved precision, flexibility, and control (the robot dampens the movements of the surgeon’s hands and eliminates tremor).

Hysteroscopic surgery is performed on the inside of the uterine cavity with a long narrow camera, similar to how a colonoscopy is performed to evaluate the interior wall of the bowel. Fibroids, polyps, and cancers can be diagnosed with hysteroscopy, many times done in the office. Fibroids and polyps, if located only within the cavity, can be removed with hysteroscopy, avoiding incisions on the abdomen.

5 Things
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To Know About

  • Hysterectomy is a surgery to remove the uterus. Nearly always, the cervix and tubes are removed as well since they are part of the uterus and lack a functional benefit (do not have a job).
  • Takes approximately 2-3 hours total to complete the surgery, depending on the other risk factors and the presence of scarring (e.g. after cesarean) and endometriosis or obesity.
  • Most hysterectomies by minimally invasive route (laparoscopy, robotics, vaginal) are discharged home on the same day as surgery .
  • Permanently stops bleeding but does not lead to hormonal symptoms of menopause unless the ovaries are also removed.
  • Does not change pelvic support in most women

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