We offer the following services:

  • Removal of moles, skin tags, and warts

  • Molluscum treatments

  • Acne treatments

  • Chemical peels

  • Laser treatments for birthmarks, port wine stains, red spots, brown spots, and acne scars

  • Scar treatments

  • Dermoscopic evaluation and removal of skin lesions

  • Skin biopsy or nail biopsy

  • Patch testing

  • Minor skin surgery

  • Cryosurgery

  • Incision and drainage of cysts and abscesses

  • Intralesional injections for alopecia areata

  • Fungal scrapings for KOH and cultures

  • Scabies prep

  • Bacterial cultures

  • Pediatric blood draws

  • Nail clipping

  • XTRAC Laser treatment for psoriasis

  • And much more

If your child suffers from a dermatologic condition, call the Pediatric Dermatology of Miami today at (786) 707-4888 or use our online appointment request form to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gonzalez.

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