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Why Is Birth Control Important? Top Benefits of Birth Control


You may be wondering, "What is the point of birth control pills?" Although pregnancy control is the main reason most women take birth control pills, some women take them for other beneficial purposes. Other hormonal birth control methods include IUDs, pills, patches, and implants. So, exactly why is birth control important? Here are some reasons [...]

Why Is Birth Control Important? Top Benefits of Birth Control2020-10-26T12:26:02+00:00

Is It Normal to Have Cramps 5 Days before Period?


Menstrual cramps are already uncomfortable and annoying enough when they occur during your period. It can be even more frustrating when you start feeling cramps but you know your period is still days away. Having menstruation cramps before period is perfectly normal, but it can also be a sign that something else is happening. Understanding [...]

Is It Normal to Have Cramps 5 Days before Period?2020-09-10T13:53:13+00:00

Why Do Hot Flashes Get Worse at Night? How to Stop Them?


There comes a period in every woman’s life where their biological clock reaches the time where menopause begins. When it comes to the sexual fertility of a woman, menstruation is the milestone that marks the physiological readiness to bear children. And at the opposite end of the time spectrum, menopause is the phase of life [...]

Why Do Hot Flashes Get Worse at Night? How to Stop Them?2020-07-09T14:20:08+00:00

What Are the Pros and Cons of Endometrial Ablation?


Unfortunately, when it comes to menstruation, some additional issues can arise that make it even more complicated, painful, or inconvenient to do deal with every month. For several reasons, some women may experience heavy flow every period, significant bleeding between periods, or periods that last a long time. While these symptoms can be caused by [...]

What Are the Pros and Cons of Endometrial Ablation?2020-05-25T12:16:19+00:00

Should You Take Birth Control Pills After the Age of 50?


When we become sexually active individuals, the pleasures and benefits can be wonderful, but it is also important to know that potential consequences can be involved. When it comes to having sexual intercourse, the risks of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy are real. While there are various methods to protect and limit the risk [...]

Should You Take Birth Control Pills After the Age of 50?2020-05-27T10:40:11+00:00

Can Stress Cause Postmenopausal Bleeding?


As we women age, our bodies go through some drastic and remarkable changes. After the childbearing years, the 40s and the 50s, the female body begins to change away from procreation as the production of reproductive hormones naturally begins to decline. This phase of a woman’s life is called menopause and is signaled by 12 [...]

Can Stress Cause Postmenopausal Bleeding?2020-05-25T12:09:23+00:00

What Happens During a Pelvic Exam? Will It Hurt?


Becoming a woman is full of milestones; some good and some are just part of life. The time in which womanhood officially starts is when the menstrual cycle begins. This signifies sexual maturity and can happen at any time between the ages of 8 to 15, but most girls get it around the age of [...]

What Happens During a Pelvic Exam? Will It Hurt?2020-05-14T17:33:16+00:00

Menopause and Sleep Problems: Causes and Treatments


The woman’s body undergoes some miraculous changes throughout the course of life. All three of these time periods in life are related to sexual fertility. These include adolescent puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, and the menopause process, Menopause signifies the end of sexual fertility and all women undergo this biological process. The symptoms each woman goes through [...]

Menopause and Sleep Problems: Causes and Treatments2020-06-24T16:58:04+00:00

Fat Reduction vs. Weight Loss


As a society, we are constantly consumed with our physical appearance and always striving towards an unattainable image of our “perfection.” The cosmetology industry sells billions of dollars, every year, on products, treatments, and procedures to those seeking to look and feel better about themselves. While fighting the effects of aging might be the most [...]

Fat Reduction vs. Weight Loss2020-06-18T15:25:49+00:00
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