Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Pregnancies are typically developing in a stable, predictable fashion. During this time both the mother and the baby are going through different stages leading to birth. Your fetus grows not only in size, but also develops attributes and changes morphologically over time and it is vital to keep a record of these changes and ensure they are happening orderly.

Maternal Fetal Medicine in Miami, FL

There are cases where additional attention, specific medical conditions in patients, pregnancy with twins and some other scenarios call for a more tenacious approach and monitoring. In those delicate cases and high-risk pregnancies, maternal-fetal medicine (MFM) specialist is responsible for the patient and the fetus. Managing high-risk pregnancies requires understanding off all the factors that might affect the mother and the child, effect on fetal development, maintaining optimal health and finally successfully delivering the baby.

Our MFM experts provide professional obstetric care and help in managing high-risk pregnancies. Together with our patients we make the healthcare plan, discuss, educate, monitor and help in getting through these situations. Numerous tools, tests, and procedures of the latest design and standard help us keep you healthy. Ultrasound, echocardiogram, lab tests, genetic testing, and amniocentesis are just some of the diagnostic tools used and are designed to provide the full screening of the patient and insight in fetal development. Certain conditions such as gestational diabetes develop during pregnancy and the symptoms typically disappear after giving birth. This particular case demands strict monitoring due to associated risks, yet it can be kept under control. Even in radical scenarios and unexpected problems, our doctors are well versed in protecting you and the baby. High blood pressure, signs of bleeding or even early labor are all cases in which MFM specialists are trained. Keeping our patients healthy and happy during pregnancy is the key priority and for any support during this wondrous time of your life, do not hesitate to reach out.

Patient Feedback

“Best of the best. So happy i had these two doctors to guide me through the last trimester of my pregnancy; their techs and office staff were absolutely wonderful as well, truly made my pregnancy all the better.”

Carolina O.

“Just amazing! Felt confident with both Dr. De La Torre and Dr. Quintero. I would recommend both Doctors to anyone. Office Administration very organized and welcoming! Thank you for helping me through my twin pregnancy!”

Jennifer A.

“Saw them with my first pregnancy in hospital and they were great. When I got pregnant with my 2nd son 2 years later needed to be followed by a high risk dr and saw them again and they remembered me. Very compassionate and knowledgeable. If I decide to have a 3rd will definitely see them again. Great office staff too.”

Judy C.