Office Procedures in Miami, FL

Office Procedures

We offer our patients a variety of office procedures for their convenience and comfort. Advantages include rapid recovery, minimal discomfort, and decreased costs to our patients in many cases. Some of the procedures we commonly perform in the office include:

  • Endometrial Ablation- technological breakthrough in the management of abnormal uterine bleeding, often times an alternative to hysterectomy. Although the technology is new, the concept of endometrial ablation has been around for many years. The concept involves destroying the endometrium, which is the tissue layer that normally responds to hormones and is responsible for uterine bleeding. By removing this layer, the patient retains normal hormonal function, but without the bleeding. Some of the most common modern endometrial ablation devices include the Novasure, Thermachoice, Heroption, and others.
  • LEEP- treatment of pre-cancer of the cervix. This treatment is reserved for patients who may be at risk of developing cervical cancer and involves removal of the tissue with the affected cells. The patient experiences minimal discomfort and can resume her normal activities immediately. As in all procedures, patients need to continue with follow up as scheduled to assure successful treatment. We DO NOT advocate the use of cryotherapy, which is an antiquated approach to managing pre-cancerous cells of the cervix.

Call today and make an appointment to see if you are a candidate for our office procedures. We will explain all your options in detail, so that you make informed decisions about your healthcare.

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