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Dr. Jose Bendayan – Obstetrician & Gynecologist

Dr. Jose Bendayan knew very early on in life that he wanted to be a doctor, and specifically an Ob doctor.

He was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where he studied his career, and then continued on with his residency in Baltimore’s Sinai Hospital. He was recognized by his students who rotated from the affiliated Johns Hopkins Hospital, for his compassion and dedication to his career.

In 2002, Dr. Bendayan moved again to New York, hand-picked by the then Chairman of Ob/Gyn at Jamaica Hospital, who had worked alongside him at Sinai. Dr. Bendayan had made such an impact that he was offered a position as an attending physician, where he worked for seven years. His nurses and patients keep beautiful memories of his time there. He was awarded the ACOG/CREOG Award for his Excellence in Resident Education.

Because of the strong family ties, Dr. Bendayan and his family decided to relocate to Miami, Florida to be closer to cousins and childhood friends and raise their children in an environment that was more like his upbringing and roots.

Two of the signature qualities of Dr. Bendayan’s are his patience and calm, which are evident from the moment you meet him. He is soft-spoken and humble, never one to overreact, and mostly not one who wants to be in the spotlight. He sometimes agrees to be part of a televised or broadcast interview, but prefers to be the more quiet and discreet person among his all-female staff, who by the way, love to pamper and care for him, joke and laugh and share the beautiful moments that the patients give on a daily basis.


Dr. Bendayan is the most caring and compassionate doctor I’ve had. A great listener when it comes to questions during your pregnancy. My last 2 babies were delivered by him and I was very happy and confident during the 9 month pregnancy and delivery. Awesome Doctor!!!

Ingrid O.

Bendayan es lo maximo! Entiendo perfecto que es lo que estás buscando y con el lo vas a encontrar. No solo el, cine su equipo de trabajo.

Valeria C.

Jose Bendayan el mejor doctor a mi parecer, tuve la mejor experiencia con el. Super cariñoso, muy atento y muy profesional.

Raquel B.

“Después que se tiene un doctor como tú, uno se “malacostumbra” y quiere que todos sean así!!! Pero que va! Eres unico, Dr. Benda!”

Amelia R.

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