Mary Bendayan

Myriam Bendayan – Office Manager

Myriam, or as most people know her, Mary, was born in Caracas, Venezuela, where she met and married Dr. Bendayan. She has been working as the Office Manager and Practice Administrator since 2016. She is also the point of contact for patients, either local or international.

In spite of having a strict list of “NOs” for her future husband, among which Doctor ranked probably as number one of it, she ended up falling for this genuine and gentle person who would become a most respected and well-known ob-gyn in all the cities they lived.

Mary studied Fashion Design and Languages, but rather dedicated the first years of their marriage to raising their children and caring for a husband with a crazy schedule and a huge heart.

When they arrived to Miami, Mary decided to take over the running of Dr. Bendayan’s practice to be able to spend more time together. It turned out to be the best decision, as she realized her passion for public relations and attention to detail.

During the years that Mary has been working with Dr. Bendayan, they have formed a strong and powerful team with Claudia, Yuly, Lisy and Maria, who are each in her own and unique way, cornerstones of the place they call their second home.

Mary is the true counterpart for Dr. Bendayan: she is the more outgoing, outspoken and out-there of both, and truly proud of all of his achievements and success.


Dr. Bendayan is the most caring and compassionate doctor I’ve had. A great listener when it comes to questions during your pregnancy. My last 2 babies were delivered by him and I was very happy and confident during the 9 month pregnancy and delivery. Awesome Doctor!!!

Ingrid O.

Bendayan es lo maximo! Entiendo perfecto que es lo que estás buscando y con el lo vas a encontrar. No solo el, cine su equipo de trabajo.

Valeria C.

Jose Bendayan el mejor doctor a mi parecer, tuve la mejor experiencia con el. Super cariñoso, muy atento y muy profesional.

Raquel B.

“Después que se tiene un doctor como tú, uno se “malacostumbra” y quiere que todos sean así!!! Pero que va! Eres unico, Dr. Benda!”

Amelia R.

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